5 DIY Ideas for kids in this pandemic situation


This Covid-19 pandemic situation, besides being a curse for the majority, can really be productive for your kids. Making the best use of this seemingly never-ending vacation, you can make your kids skilled in basic DIYs like Arts & Crafts, gardening, creative writing, martial arts, and cooking.

How you are going to help them have expertise in these areas and why you should, is going to be the talk of our following write-up. Let’s take you to the main discussion, not lengthening the intro.

5 DIY Ideas for kids in this pandemic situation

We can name 100 fun and beneficial hobbies and DIY jobs for kids to do in this pandemic. However, we are sticking with the top five I like.

Arts & Crafts

Arts & crafts is a wide sector. Your kids can find lots of fun activities. According to the website Artistryart, if you want something uncommon for your kid then the lost art of weaving and knitting can be a very fun hobby. Also, it’s fairly easy to start using the weaving loom and knitting loom. Now, you can also go for sewing but I was thinking of a much more exciting job.

Buy your kid a loom. There are rigid heddle looms, tapestry loom, Inkle loom, etc. you can also get table looms made for kids as toys. What kids can do with it will amaze you.


A standout DIY idea that doesn’t only give your children an enjoyable pastime and make your backyard peace-to-eye but also helps them contribute to the reduction of global warming.

However, gardening isn’t as easy as it sounds to be; in fact, there are miles to go! So, the things that you should teach your beloved kids are:

  • Introduce them to different types of soils – light & sandy or heavy & clay.
  • Explain the compatibility of a specific type of plant with a specific soil type; for example, palm trees sprout well in a moderately acid to slightly alkaline soil.
  • Train up in routine watering, telling them how much water a specific sapling can sustain.
  • Show the correct method of dewatering in case more volume of water is poured.
  • Teach the correct use of hoe and shovel to pull out the weeds regularly and of scissors to trim the plants occasionally
  • Help them learn when and how to spray pesticides to safeguard the saplings against pests.

Creative writing

If you are concerned about the outgrowth of your kids’ intelligence and innovation, then creative writing might be an ideal choice for you. Being a passionate and creative writer, your children can:

  • Think extensively out of the box
  • Consider anything and any incident from a wide variety of perspectives
  • Put more focus on academic study with boosted patience
  • Achieve extra knowledge on a wide variety of gadgets and matters
  • Earn a handsome amount from an early age
  • Be an entrepreneur with the opening of a writing agency or commercial websites

This is why it is advisable to inspire your kids to –

  • Read a lot, anything informative, no matter whether it is fiction or nonfiction. The more they read, the more mastery they possess over language, diction, and expression
  • Take part in different workshops on playwriting and screenwriting.
  • Write diary regularly that will help them overcome the inertia and unnecessary fear of writing.

Martial arts

A proverb goes that health is wealth, and to protect this invaluable wealth, martial arts can be a great DIY idea for your kids.

The training of martial arts makes them do physical exercises a lot while preparing them for survival in hostile settings. This eventually boosts both physical and mental health and confidence as well.

Although there are many kinds of martial arts, it is safer and easier to practice Muay Thai or Jiu-jitsu or basic boxing for kids. Practicing all three at a time at such a tender age may show backlash.

In case you yourself are not trained in the techniques of martial arts, you can search for videos online. Either learn first and then teach your kids or learn together that will give them a sort of inspiration.


No, we are not talking about professional cooking, rather the preparation of the most usual food items that requires the slightest use of a knife and cooker. You can teach them simple things like making sandwiches, jam, instant noodles, etc.

Baking and bread-making are two things that I think are the safest for children. I also love the art. And this is a hobby that will go a long way.

Try to teach them about food as well. Diet related problem kills more people than any pandemic in our country. So, help them develop an organic attitude with the skill of making food.

Some Other Hobbies You Might Find Interesting

Already said I can name hundreds of hobbies. Other than the five I also have some mentions below that I can’t leave out.

  • Learning a language
  • Origami
  • Sculpting
  • Sewing
  • Astronomy
  • Tapestry
  • Calligraphy

Now, I know there are other common hobbies. But where is the fun in that.

To conclude

With the passage of time, the world is heading towards a time where everyone is for himself, and none will be there to serve your children. Therefore, as a conscious and concerned parent, you should always introduce them to new DIYs and help them have expertise in those.


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