5 Earrings for Party Wear Looks


We all love to party but it is the decision regarding what to wear and how to accessorize that may sometimes make going to parties a tedious effort. What if we told you that with the right kind of earrings, you can slay any party look and look utterly glamorous and charming! If we have piqued your interest in this topic, well, then reading this post would be a viable thing to do as we shall be sharing our tops 5 earring that you can wear to a party and look breathtakingly stunning too!  Best among all are hoop earrings which gets you the best and trendy look.

Here are the top five picks:

1. Hoops: Hoops comes in various sizes and styles and you can trust them for instantly pepping up your glamour quotient. You can check out various hoop gold earrings online options too. From something as fun as a birthday party to something as formal as an office party, these earrings will look good for all occasions. Diamond hoops or gemstone studded hoops would look stunning for a more formal party, whereas choosing a plain gold hoop would be ideal for casual dinners and outings.

2. Ear Cuffs: Ear cuffs are becoming a hot trend with women of all age brackets. Some women may find adorning these kinds of earrings to be flashy or over the top. However, that is not the case because when you wear these stunning styles with an apt dress and hairdo, you can take your look up to quite a few notches. If you find bigger patterns or styles a bit too much for your liking, you can try out smaller cuffs in precious stones to start with.

3. Chandelier: If you wish to grab everyone’s attention, well, go in for chandelier earrings! These chunkier and elaborate earrings are hard to miss and if you are adorning them, you may prep yourself to gather some complements. These kinds of earrings look stunning with off-shoulder or wide-necked dresses; however, you can also team them up with elegant Indian wear or western wear options too.

4. Danglers: Whether you have short hair or long hair, this kind suits all types of hairstyles. Well, along with complimenting most hairstyles, these kinds of earrings are a great party wear option. You can team up a classy pair of danglers with a gown, pencil skirt, trousers or even Indian wear options like saree or suit. You can add more mystical charm to your look by adding a hint of colour by opting for danglers studded with single coloured or multi-coloured gemstones.

5. Jhumka: If you are planning to wear a saree or a suit to a party, well, do not even think twice before accessorising with a pair of jhumkas. A full proof accessory, this style suits all kinds of faces and goes with almost all kinds of Indian wear. However, you can experiment by wearing them with indo-western looks as well.

Choose any of the above styles and get ready to sizzle the party! Wear a dazzling dress pair up earrings and get ready to rock the party!

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