5 Easy Ways to Improve Your Essay Writing Skills

Looking for ways to improve your essay writing? You have come to the right place. Every student wants to improve their essay writing skills, especially because they have lots of written assignments to take care of. Essay writing might seem complicated at the beginning. 

And if you do not know where to start, how to organize your work, and how to write the essay, things get even more challenging. However, there are a few simple tips and tricks that you could put to practice to improve your essay writing. Everyone can do this and you don’t need to have innate writing talent. So, let’s start! 

1. Always Make an Outline

As expert writers from a cheap dissertation writing service point out, many students underestimate outlines. They imagine they need to have some ideas in their minds and just start writing. But the danger of this is that you won’t organize your ideas in a logical and structured way. 

When writing an essay, not only the message and the information is important, but also how you organize it. An outline helps you give your essay a structure, organize your notes, and make sure ideas flow smoothly. Do not forget that outlines are really important and you should not skip this step. 

2. Read 

It may seem that reading doesn’t have any connection with writing. How could reading help you improve your writing skills? These activities are so different from each other. Well, even though they have some differences, both activities help you improve your skills. By reading, you have contact with other ideas and perspectives. 

At the same time, you see other writing styles and how the text is structured. Reading helps you improve your writing skills by helping you learn how to effectively send your message, how to structure a piece of text, how to develop a story or share relevant information, and so on. 

Expert writers who offer essay help UK always recommend students to start reading. It may not be a solution with an immediate improvement, but a long-term one. 

3. Understand the Prompt 

The essay prompt is essential because there you will find all the requirements you need to follow. Some teachers may grant you the freedom to choose your topic, while others don’t. However, it is important to be aware of the requirements or the essay prompt. 

Make sure that you have understood them fully. Following the guidelines will help you deliver a high-quality essay. You may find limits imposed by your professor regarding the number of characters, words, or pages. You may need to use a specific citation style. 

Respecting these will add more points to your grade, as the professor will appreciate your attention to detail and compliance with the requirements. 

Understand the Prompt

4. Take Notes 

Another important tip that will help you improve your essay writing is to take notes. An essay is not only about writing thoughts and ideas on paper, but also about research. Depending on the type of essay you might be asked to write, you need to convey your message so that it reaches the audience. 

For example, an argumentative essay asks for your opinion on a subject and the arguments that back it up. And to find arguments in the form of study results, facts, or stats, you need to research. It is important to note down every important and relevant information you come across and to have all notes in one place. It will be easier to return to them than search through all the studies and articles you have read. 

5. Save Time for Editing and Proofreading 

Many students start working on their assignments when the deadline is approaching, so they don’t have so much time left for editing and proofreading. It would be wise to save some time for this step, even though it is among the last ones. 

No matter how much attention you pay to the writing process, mistakes and typos can appear. In some cases, by rereading your first draft, you may notice that maybe some of your sentences are not so clear. 

Rephrasing sentences and editing any spelling or grammar mistakes you might have are essential. This will improve your writing skills because you will become more aware of how you form some sentences and express your opinions. 

Ending Note 

Wanting to improve your essay writing is something all students want. There are a lot of tips and tricks you can put to practice to boost your skills. Among these are some tips and tricks that could help you organize the writing process more efficiently. 

For example, outlining allows you to structure the essay clearly and smoothly. Always research, take notes and let your first draft set aside. Do not forget about reading which helps you have contact with new ideas and writing styles. You can find your inspiration there.

Author:  William Nunez – Linked In