5 Effective Business Development Tip During Lockdown


Lockdown is a tough phase for everyone out there, many people lost their business, startups and those were the only sources of earning or income for their family. The most affected people are those who are the only ones in their family who support them financially.

We all know we can beat this virus and can win this war against the faceless enemy out there, but what about the period when we are locked inside our homes, and we don’t have any source of income. What about the savings in the bank, which is on a declining path. Many people don’t even have such savings to survive in such tough times.

But every problem has some solution, and you have to calmly think about it. We are locked inside our house, but we are living in the era of the internet, where people earn and grow their online business. Some people have had an online business for years, and they are having support in these tough times.

Let us put forth some business development ideas which can help you to support your financial side.


Facebook is the internet giant in the era of the Internet, people totally rely on Facebook for their business because of its huge audience base. If you want to know on which app there is the maximum number of people available then it is Facebook with 2 billion users on it.

The overall human population on earth is 7 billion from which there are 2 billion on Facebook. So if you have your business on Facebook (the dead page will not at all help), you can easily run advertisements on Facebook and increase your reach on Facebook.

The more ads you run the more people will recognize your business and will definitely look at it. You can easily set the age limit, as in what age group looks for your products or your service. If everything goes well you can run your business, engage many people, and have a good customer rate.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the practice that can provide information or mainly promote your business all over the chosen region. The main thing people thought about Digital marketing is running ads. But besides this, there are many basic steps to follow and build a proper base for marketing.

You have to create your Business Card or a digital contact card. Your digital contact card will be the face of your business. Further, you have to register your business and then you can run ads all over google and many other platforms such as Facebook and Instagram

There are many things to step up that you have to study in detail and then you can run ads from google ads which will run ads on many websites and over SERP too. Advertisement on SERP depends on the searched Keyword of that person.

Amazon Listing

Amazon listing is the option for those who have products to sell. Amazon offers the option to list products on Amazon and be a seller. You can almost list any legal products, according to the products allowed legally in your region.

Local sellers can easily earn here on Amazon. Many third-party agencies are out there who list others businesses on amazon in their own name and by selling products take a commission. This fraud happens openly only because the seller has a lack of knowledge, and learning about amazon is quite easy to understand. Now you can also find many language options on amazon.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the idea where you and your promoter both have a win-win situation. If it is easy, as your business is quite famous then many people will come to you to list your product or service on their website and get some percentage of commission.

But if your business is just a startup then you have to ask some website owner to list your products or service. This is the best and simple way to increase the customer base of your business.

Website Development

Making and developing a website is the best way to present your business on the internet today. You have many ways to promote your business, run your business, and get more audience on it. You can go on a technical way to increase traffic on your website and bring genuine customers to your website.

The more optimized your website, the more it will attract an audience and it will bring more organic traffic to your website. So that’s all for the article, I hope this all will help you and will grow your business.

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