5 effective home remedies for your back and neck pain


With the current lifestyle, back and neck pain is a common problem. From poor posture or sleeping in a bad position to working on a laptop all day, anything can cause back and neck pain. Also, if you have neck pain, it can radiate to your back and vice versa. Acute neck or back pain can improve with lifestyle changes, ensuring it does not become chronic. However, lifestyle changes are necessary. If you only take pain relievers, they will not work, and the pain may become chronic. Worse, it may result in surgery or cervicogenic headache, which are headaches caused by neck issues.

And neglecting back pain can make it impossible for you to do everyday tasks or cause other issues if you take painkillers often. So, can you manage back and neck pain at home? Yes, with a few effective home remedies, pain due to posture, sleeping positions, aging, or mild stress is reversible. Read below to learn how.

Tip 1: Apply ice or heat

Ice and heat therapy is the first remedy to undertake with instant neck or back pain due to poor posture or overworking the muscles. These alternatives can help reduce pain while also healing it.

First, use an ice pack directly after a strain on the part of the neck or back which is hurting. It reduces inflammation and soothes the pain by numbing the area. Use cold packs or a frozen bag of peas for 20 minutes. After a day or two of ice therapy, switch to heat therapy. Applying heat to the painful neck or back helps soothe the area by increasing blood flow and enabling healing. If you don’t have a heating bag, take a hot shower or bath, or use a hot towel. It shouldn’t be so hot that you burn yourself.

Tip 2: Use the right mattress

Not all mattresses are designed equally, and using the wrong one for sleeping can give you neck and back issues. Instead, find a memory foam mattress that is gentle on your neck and back, which ensures you do not wake up with a strained neck or back. The best tip to follow here is to find a mattress that is not extra firm or too soft; go for the middle one. A too-firm mattress causes misalignment, while a soft one leads to bad posture as you will sink into the bed. So, invest in the best mattress to ensure back and neck pain goes away.

Tip 3: Get a massage

A massage sounds so relaxing, which it is, and it also helps relieve your back or neck knots, which can cause pain. For example, if you work on a laptop daily for hours, you might get a lot of neck and back pain due to the excessive use of muscles and bad posture. Getting a massage with hot oil is perfect, as it releases tension and relaxes your muscles.

Ensure you get a massage from a professional. If you have chronic pain, don’t get a massage unless your doctor agrees.

Tip 4: Exercise regularly

When mild neck or back pain starts, you should take it as an invitation to start working out if you were not before. You stretch and work your joints and muscles when you move your body, which helps keep your neck and back in a good position. Thus, it releases tension from the muscles. Unfortunately, it also releases stress from your body, which is sometimes the cause of back and neck pain.

Hit the gym, practice yoga, stretch every day, and walk daily to keep your body active and healthy. If you are suffering from pain, it is best to work out under guidance. Otherwise, you will aggravate your injury.

Tip 5: Add anti-inflammatory drinks to your diet

Another way to reduce pain in the back and neck is to start including anti-inflammatory drinks and food items in your diet. Or reduce the stuff that causes inflammation, as it can cause swelling and pain too. For instance, turmeric milk is a great anti-inflammatory drink that helps strengthen your immune system.

Try these tips to get relief from back and neck issues, but be consistent with your efforts. If you do not feel better, check with a doctor immediately. Stay healthy and safe!


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