5 Emotional Stages of Divorce


Getting divorced from the partner once you have vowed to stay together ‘till death do us apart’ is a bang on the emotional well-being of a person. Whatever the relation was, getting out of it must not be that easy. But it is your second chance to adorn your life with more positive strength and vibes. Going through the mental process of divorce is heart-wrenching.

Sometimes it destroys people who are unable to ask for help. It is a tough call, but you must know that you are not the only one feeling like this broken and hopeless. Let us help you by enlightening you about the 5 stages of divorce and the emotional journey of turmoil-

5 stages of divorce you should know

Not just divorce, any mental trauma, or forgetting about the past can be tough. The journey can be reckless but not impossible. When one door closes, hundreds of doors open. It is the rule of the universe. So, suit up, click your seat belts and hang in there. The end of the tunnel is near. When this is all over, the future will be full of promises and self-realization.

1. Denial

If you are not the one asked for the divorce, then you are the most likely one to face it. You will pass the time without acknowledging the fact that you are separated, and nothing can be done about it.

The family is already broken, and the past will never come back whatever it was happy or not. When you are at this stage, you will not even understand the situation. It will keep you apart from the harsh reality of separation.

2. Anger

Now that you have passed the first stage, you will come back to reality. You might feel raging anger towards your partner and yourself. It can be seen in both parties. Both of the parties could be angered to the persons and components that made them apart. Sometimes the memory of their ex-partner could be painful that their belongings cannot be tolerated.

3. Bargaining

Those who initiated the divorce may be silent at this part. Who knows- they could also bargain whatever they have destroyed with their own hands. The major bargainer here is the one who feels all the guilts and faults is only theirs.

They may bargain for their ex-partner to come back in their lives. Or crying over phones accepting their faults and promising not doing it again. If it gives you closure, you can do it. But our suggestion is to avoid any kind of contact with the person, remove anything that might remind you of them.

4. Depression

When failure happens in life, depression comes like its shadow. It is normal when someone gets out of a long-committed relationship. Time and proper family care they can lead a normal life just like the past. But when they don’t get the support from friends and family, they spiral into wholes of depression.

In that case, t hey might need clinical support and Medicare system. That is why it is suggested by the court to go on a regular therapy session. It may be costly, but worth the shot before going through in extreme mental condition. This depression and PTSD can cause in their future relationships.

5. Acceptance

This is the last and final stage of any emotional breakdown. After all the mental turmoil, the person accepts the fact that it is over forever. There is nothing left to fix or improve in the past relationship. This realization can be achieved by lots of therapy, medication, and self-realization. But remember, your love life is not over.

Move on with thought, take time to heal your trauma, and go for a ride (who knows where you might meet your soul mate?). Wake up every morning with the thought that another sunny morning and you are lucky to be alive. You will learn to accept changes and reclaim some of your best self from the past. So, grab every possible opportunity and seize the day. Good Luck!

Divorce advice specialists can provide tailored guidance and emotional support to help you navigate the complexities of divorce more smoothly, ensuring that you understand your rights and options. They can also help protect your family, loved ones, and assets by offering strategic advice on legal, financial, and custodial matters, minimizing conflicts and ensuring fair outcomes.


Getting out of any emotional bonding is hard. But what is life without a little heartbreaking and challenges! It is not the ending of your life neither of your partner. Just hope that the happiest ending is waiting for both of you but separately. These stages of grief come after every failure. So, if you are facing it- stay strong; if not- you are fortunate. Learn to accept it and move on.

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