5 Essential Equipment Must Haves for a Pilot


Any occupation requires its own set of gears to make the job easier. As a pilot, of course, there are necessary and professional equipment that you must have; however, there are also some personal and vital items that you need during your journey. These are the 5 most essential equipment every pilot needs to make their flight a smoother one!

1. A Flight Bag

You obviously need a sturdy bag that carries all your items. Depending on your needs and what you’re carrying, you can either get a smaller case or bag, or a large one that carries all your essentials. These bags come in a variety of materials and different storage options with convenient pockets. Be sure to choose one that is comfortable to carry and isn’t too heavy.

2. A Headset

This, of course, is a no brainer; every pilot needs a reliable headset. When you’re learning to fly, you might have tried overused ones. But now that you’re a licensed pilot, you need to invest in your own. Consider checking a buying guide on the best aviation headset by Ironhorsetrading.net that not only will be convenient to use but will also protect your hearing. Some of them have plenty of useful features like plugging options or noise reduction and are budget-friendly.

3. An iPad

This might seem odd to many, but having an iPad has proven to be extremely beneficial to pilots. Nowadays, there has been an influx of aviation apps that has made owning an iPad a must-have item for many pilots. Many apps help with calculations, navigation, offer helpful books for aspiring pilots as well as charts, and flight planning information.

4. A Kneeboard

While flying, you’ll need a way to organize your gears without getting too distracted. A kneeboard might seem a little old school, but it’s the best way to stay on top of things. It can carry your flight charts, pens, notepads, calculators, and any other item that might come in handy. Newer versions can carry your iPad as well to help with navigation. Get one that has multiple pockets and can be folded when not in use.

5. Small Necessities

There are some necessities that you might think aren’t important, but they’re actually vital on your trip. Good non-polarized sunglasses are highly needed during your day flights; you don’t want to cause any visibility issues. It’s also highly recommended that you carry your own fuel tester to use before your flights. Checking your fuel is important to make sure it’s not contaminated. Be sure to also have chargers for your iPad or any electronic device like having an electronic flight computer which may come in handy.

Whether you’re a student pilot or a licensed one, you need your own gear and bring it with you before any flight. It will make your trip smoother and will make your job easier. Think carefully about the type of gear you need and make sure you have it with you at all times. This way, you’ll take off on your journey without any worries.

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