5 Essential Factors You Must Consider When Choosing Dancing Shoes

Dancing is among the best way to decrease blood pressure, manage bad cholesterol, and strengthen weight-bearing bones. In addition, it lowers the risk of Type 2 diabetes and obesity, all while you are having fun. However, it would help if you had frequent practice and a suitable shoe that won’t cause fatigue or injuries. Several types of dancing shoes are available in the market, calling for caution to get the most suitable pair. Here are the essential factors you must consider when choosing such shoes.

1. Dancing style

Pairs of dancing shoes are designed for different dancing styles of the different moves and flexibility that go into the dancing style. For instance, there are those suitable for ballet and others like RayRose dance shoes for that dance style and salsa. Such shoes are aesthetically pleasing and provide optimum support. If you are a beginner, it’d be best to ask the instructor about the best dancing shoes. Alternatively, you can inquire from dancing forums to get a recommendation from seasoned dancers.

2. Fit

It’d be best also to consider the shoe size when buying a pair you will dance in. However, make no mistake in assuming that your dancing shoes should be the same size as your street shoes. The dancing pair should fit tight since they will stretch and loosen over time, taking the shape of your feet. Furthermore, the size differs with the dancing style. For instance, the size of Latin dancing shoes should allow the toes to reach the edge of the shoes so that there isn’t an extra part of the shoes dangling when you hit the floor.

3. Comfort

The dancing shoes should be as comfortable as possible, with the right toe box and heels. You need a pair with soft, flexible soles that allow slipping on the parquet. Note that, unlike street shoes, the soles of dancing shoes are designed to offer maximum support, and a 1.5-inch heel would be best for ballroom dance. The pair should also protect your feet from high impacts from jumps and lunges. One feature to look out for other than the soles are straps to secure the shoes.

4. Material

Material is also essential to consider as it determines durability and comfort. Satin and canvas are among the most common material for dancing shoes. Leather is also popular due to its durability. In addition, the material is breathable and stretches to conform with use.Vegan dancers have the option to choose pseudo-suede material, which is synthetic.

5. Price

Contrary to popular belief, high prices aren’t always a sign of high quality. Therefore, it’d be best to consider the price of your preferred dancing shoes before buying them. Check the brand name, quality of material, and style, and then compare it with different ones from other reputable brands. Going for reasonably priced ones like RayRose dance shoes would be best as you will get high-quality dancing shoes without breaking the bank.

Dancing shoes are essential to get the best out of your dancing without hurting your feet. However, the large number of brands available can make the selection process daunting. Therefore, it’d be best to consider the factors you have read here as you buy your dancing shoes.