5 Exciting Team Building Ideas and Outings

Does your team building activities always seem to be met with anguish and concern? The idea of having a day doing mundane tasks often associated with team building can be grating to some. However, this does not have to be the case! Team building for work and games are supposed to not only be educational but also fun and rewarding. They delve deep into the team, revealing how they think, behave under pressure, and have fun. 

The next time that you are planning an exciting and challenging day out for your employees you most certainly should have these activities on the top of your list. 

1. Go Kart Racing

If you are looking to unleash your colleagues’ competitive edge and see how they respond to pressure then go-karting is definitely a top contender. A thrilling experience enabling you to bond with teams in a completely different way than you would do at work. This heart-pounding event combines fun with thrilling and is an instant hit amongst employees to build stronger relationships. It offers an excellent opportunity to see how they respond under pressure in a fast paced environment and is suitable for all levels of driving capabilities and is great for company outings.

2. Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are a great team-building activity that requires leadership, teamwork, and problem-solving. They have become a very popular activity across the globe for family, friends, and colleagues. They incorporate the critical skills required to work effectively under pressure in an allotted amount of time; how it works is simple. A group is ‘locked’ in a room for one hour and must work together to solve puzzles, figure out clues, and locate keys to unlock the door to freedom. Did you know that you can play an online escape room? You may be asking yourself- what is a virtual escape room? How does it differ from an in-person experience?  The concept remains the same, except you play on a platform like Zoom to solve the clues to escape. Whether you play in-person or online, escape rooms are the perfect game for team-building. 

3. Spa Experience 

Fancy adding a bit of therapeutic relaxation to your day. Your colleagues will appreciate an exciting day of wild activities and then unwind in a tranquil spa experience with a crisp, refreshing cocktail. Spa days are great and can be bespoke to meet the size of your company and what your colleagues want to achieve. If your business is highly mobile and leaves little time for social meeting up after work then this is an excellent opportunity to relax, enjoy some food and communicate. 

4. Cooking Class

Are you good at cooking? This is a big change up from your usual meal out with friends. Work in teams and enjoy a passive culinary experience or have a cook off to make the perfect dish in the allotted time. This is a great activity for people working in office environments as healthy eating can often be neglected both at work and home. Healthy diets are linked with increased productivity and overall wellbeing making this a perfect opportunity to build your team’s skills and raise awareness of good health. You can find classes online and book to have a professional chef help you strike up a Michelin quality meal before your very eyes and take the time to chat with your colleagues. 

5. Scavenger Hunt

Infuse discovery with team building by breaking everyone into teams and commence the big hunt around the city. It can be organised easily in your department or by selective members of management and you can rest assured your team will feel rejuvenated with a breath of fresh air and excitement. Begin your quest by hunting for items or completing challenges around the city in a desperate rush to beat your other teams. Use the time wisely and race to the finish line by utilising teamwork, leadership, careful planning, logistics management, and more.