5 Factors to Consider When Buying An Exhaust Fan


One of the biggest mistakes to make when buying an exhaust fan is to buy just any exhaust fan. That’s because many of us think that all exhaust fans are the same as they all perform the same job. But what we don’t realize is that the exhaust fans vary in terms of their sweep size, air suction capacity, noise levels, etc, and different spaces need different exhaust fans. So let’s say if you bring home a small kitchen exhaust fan for a big garage it will not solve the purpose. Similarly, an exhaust fan with a noise level that may be ideal for a space like a garage may not be appropriate for your kitchen space. Therefore, you need to consider a few factors before you buy an exhaust fan. Let’s read on to find out what they are.

1. Room Size

The first and foremost point to consider when buying an exhaust fan is the size of the room where you need to install the fan. That’s because the sweep size of the fan you should buy would depend on the size of the room. The sweep size of a fan is the circular area covered by the blades when the fan is switched on.

2. Air Suction Capacity

The main job of an exhaust fan is to keep the air in a room clean and fresh. It does so by sucking hot, humid and stale air out of a room and allowing fresh and clean air to move in. How efficiently an exhaust fan is able to do this depends on its air suction capacity. Higher the air suction capacity, more efficient it will be.

3. Noise Level

A noisy exhaust fan is the last thing that anybody would want for their homes. No matter how  sparingly a room is used one wouldn’t want the exhaust fan installed in that room to be noisy. So, before you choose an exhaust fan make sure you ask for a demo to check if you are comfortable with the fan’s level.

4. Aesthetic Appeal

The trend of designer kitchens and bathrooms is on the rise, and therefore, people are becoming  very particular about the aesthetic appeal of every item installed in these rooms. The exhaust fans too are not an exception. And this is one of the reasons brands are increasing their focus on the aesthetic appeal of their exhaust fans. If you too, are looking for an exhaust fan and want to buy one that complements your kitchen/bathroom click here to check out Luminous India’s range of exhaust fans.

5. Warranty

Well in an ideal scenario, you would want your exhaust fan to run without any need for repair or replacement. But the fact is that there’s always a possibility of an electrical device going bad. And therefore, it is important to buy an exhaust fan from a company that offers warranty and has a good track record of providing excellent after-sale services.

Looking for an exhaust fan?

If you are looking for an exhaust fan that’s not just energy efficient, but also goes with your home decor, you should check out the wide range of exhaust fans that Luminous India has to offer. Besides being aesthetically pleasing and energy efficient, their fans come with rust free bodies, dust protection shutters and strong air suction capacity.  And we are pretty sure that you will find one that suits your needs.


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