5 Fun Comic-Con costume ideas that will steal the show


Comic-Con is the number one event of the year, for every geek out there. It’s the time for them to meet, talk to and dress up as their favorite fantasy characters. Comic Cons were originally organized by fans, as a way to meet and discuss their comic book heroes, but they soon began to capture everyone’s interest.

Now, Comic Cons are organized all over the world and are usually the place where big names in the industry, such as DC Comics, Marvel, Warner Bros, and HBO announce their next projects and meet up to discuss with fans. People who attend Comic-Con usually dress up as their favorite characters and even compete for the best costume. If you are planning on going to the next Comic-Con event, but don’t have any idea what costume to wear, we got you covered.

Superheroes are everyone’s favorites

You can never go wrong with dressing up as your favorite superhero, and truly, there are infinite possibilities for this. You can choose to go with the classics, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman or your favorite X-Men character, which is completely fine, or spice things up and bring your personal approach to the characters.

Avid cosplayers spend months making their costumes, in order to get them to look as close as possible to the original ones, but some of them take things a bit further and often succeed to show the world an entirely new take on the classics. Zombies, postapocalyptic versions of their favorite heroes, or even gender swaps are highly popular amongst cosplayers and serve as a nice way to bring something new to the table.

Together with superheroes, supervillains are also another popular choice for avid comic book fans. From the classic Joker to the lesser-known Alice, Batwoman’s presumedly dead sister, supervillains are even believed to be more popular than the good guys in some Comic Cons. And, with the new Joker movie killing in box office, who could argue with that?

Try a movie character instead

If superheroes are not your thing, maybe your favorite movie character will spark up your creativity. Going up as your favorite movie character gives you a better chance to have a unique costume, especially if your favorite movie is not exactly everyone’s cup of tea. If you pick a character from Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, or Star Wars, chances are you will encounter your twin brother or sister somewhere in there, but if you choose a lesser-known movie, there is a higher chance you will be the most original one in the building.

Make sure you choose a character that represents you and suits your appearance, to make it easier for you to get into the role. The attitude is everything when it comes to cosplaying, and if you are a beginner, it may be easier for you to dress up as a character that matches your personality.

Convince your friends to go as a group

Comic-Con is 10 times better if you go with a group of friends that are just as excited to be there as you are. Group costumes are a huge thing at these types of conventions and look especially good in photos. Choose your favorite movie, comic book or video game and start working on your costumes together.

If you don’t have the time or craft skills to build your costumes, you can always look online for affordable and good-looking costumes, capes and props either for sale or for rent. Jurassic World, for example, is a highly popular theme for group costumes. Finding a realistic dinosaur costume is not as hard as you think, and you will surely turn heads.

Comic-Con is, above all, about having fun, and what could be funnier than pretending to hug people with T-Rex hands? Chances are, you will get a couple of hugs and some great laughs from all of those attending.

Video games are the new big thing

League of Legends just turned 10 this year, so if you are a fan, dress as your favorite champion and go search for your team, fight the other champions and destroy the enemy’s Nexus. Video game characters are extremely popular at Comic-Con. If you want something fun and colorful, Super Mario, Princess Peach, Link, and Princess Zelda are amongst the most fun choices.

Go a bit darker and try to cosplay a character from Witcher, Mortal Kombat, Silent Hill or Assassin’s Creed. Their costumes are extremely complex but very fun to put together. If you do your homework and really get into character, you will for sure be a showstopper.

The fun thing about video game characters is that they can be adapted to your likings, especially given the fact that, most of them have multiple versions that fans can use as inspiration. Take Mortal Kombat, for example. There has been a total of 24 games launched until now, and characters have been upgraded and changed in appearance ever since the first game. You can draw inspiration from any of the games and build your costume to be as simple or as complicated as you would like.

Summon your childhood idol

Who does not like cartoons? They have made our childhood better, and for sure anyone has their favorite idol that they looked up to when they were young. Pokémon, Scooby-Doo, The Simpsons, Powerpuff Girls or Dragon Ball are amongst the most popular choices, and almost any character will be instantly recognizable.

You can even go ahead and adapt the character to your personality. A grown-up Buttercup will surely be something fun to see. Or, if you want to take things a bit further, a modern-day Cinderella or Prince Charming is another fun idea.

Bottom Line

The best thing about cosplaying is that there is literally no limitation to the costume you can choose. You can stick to the classics, or show the world your own adaptation of your favorite character, and surely both ideas can steal the show. Let your imagination roam free and remember that the most important thing is to have fun.

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