5 Fun Things that Friends Can Do Together


Having friends is great. Maybe you have some buddies you met back in elementary school, and, against all odds, you remain friends to this day. Perhaps your kids play together now.

You might have friends who you met in high school or college. Maybe you meet some coworkers, and you have a lot in common. You start spending time together outside of work during your downtime.

However you meet your friends, you might want to come up with some activities you can do together. We’ll suggest a few fun things you can do with your buddies in the following article.

Fantasy Football

You can participate in fantasy football leagues if you know the game and you like to talk trash with your friends a bit. Maybe you all root for different teams in real life, so you razz each other if one of them loses. You might all root for the same team, though, if you’re from the same place.

Fantasy football is a way to battle it out with your friends and get the competitive juices flowing. You can draft players and then follow what your team does every Thursday, Sunday, or Monday during the season.

That’s a way to make football more exciting, and you can even come up with some type of prize that you can win if you come in first. Maybe the one who wins gets to pick the restaurant, and the person who came in last has to pay for dinner for everyone.

If you want to try a more serious approach, you might join a league where the winners design a tattoo the player who finishes last must get. That’s a pretty severe consequence to losing at fantasy football, though, so you should only implement a rule like that if you’re hardcore about the whole thing.


Bowling with friends is fun because you can do it anywhere and at any time. Virtually every decent-sized town has at least one or two bowling alleys, while large cities have dozens of them.

You do not need to be very athletic to bowl. As long as you can pick up a ball and heave it down the lane, you’re playing. The more you play, the better you should become.

You can bowl against each other and enjoy yourselves, or you can also join a league and try your skill against other teams. You might pick a night during the week that works for all of you, or many bowling alleys have weekend leagues as well.

You can even consume alcohol while you play, as long as you’re of legal age and designate a driver. Failing that, you can call an Uber to come pick you up afterward.


You can get into cycling and do that with your friends. If you’re in decent shape, you can go on longer bike trips. You might find any parks nearby that have bike trails, or you can all pile into the car and take your bikes to a national park with longer trails.

You can get in shape with your friends by biking. Maybe you’re all trying to lose a little weight together. You might also teach your kids to ride bikes at the same time if you have any.

When you bike with your friends, you’ll probably remember doing the same thing as children. It’s a way to remember your youth while getting some fresh air and exercise. Just make sure to wear helmets for protection and to stay away from highways and roads with lots of traffic.


You might also take up hiking with your friends. You may look for local hiking trails in public parks, or you can take car trips to find more challenging trails.

Hiking can get you and your friends out into nature. You can check out some local flora and fauna. You might bring backpacks and have a picnic lunch.

You can even bring tents and camp out. You might sit around telling ghost stories, roasting marshmallows, or you might try to cook a gourmet dinner over the fire if you’re more ambitious.

Hiking is a way to exercise and bond. You can talk to your friends about your hopes and dreams while you’re out in nature. You may find out things about each other you never knew before. You can cement your friendship by seeing beautiful sights and getting away from work, school, and the daily grind.

Video Games

You might also play video games with your friends if hiking, biking, jogging, or similar activities don’t interest you. You might play games from childhood if you grew up during the NES or SNES era.

If you’re younger, maybe you grew up when PlayStation 2 first came out. You might play a game like

Grand Theft Auto or a selection from the Final Fantasy series.

Maybe you want to go with something scarier like a Resident Evil or Silent Hill game. Perhaps you want something lighthearted like Kingdom Hearts.

Whatever you’re into, whether older or newer games, scary or uplifting, you can all get together and play at one of your houses, or else you can play together from different locales. The technology exists now so you can do either, and playing video games as a group is another fun way to bond or pass the time.

It’s easy to take friendship for granted, but it can mean a lot in your life. You can probably talk to family members about important subjects, but it’s nice to have friends to speak to as well. You might talk about your beliefs or religious convictions, what’s happening in your love life, familial relationships, etc.

Friends can give you some free therapy, and you might appreciate each other in ways different from family but just as meaningful and powerful. Once you have a reliable friend group, then hopefully, you can stay in touch for years and be there for each other through good times and bad.

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