5 Fun Ways to Create an Exciting DIY Escape Room


In case you are looking for an exciting idea to celebrate your child’s birthday next month or the upcoming week, there is nothing more exciting than an escape room! Still, you may think what’s so special about an escape room! You have played it a dozen times, and clearly, the 21st-century kids connect more with digital sports.

Well, hold on and take a minute or two to think. Video games are making children lazier than they ever were, and the escape room engages them in physical activities and some brainstorming sessions. And the best part is, you don’t have to spend a fortune by visiting the commercial escape rooms; it’s not at all safe during the pandemic.

Escape Room The Do-It-Yourself Fun Game

Why not surprise the kids by creating an escape room environment at home?!

If the thought of DIY escape room  gives you chills, then relax! They are easier to set up than you think, and even the host can take part. Many sites offer more than one kit to make your escape room party a grand success!

It’s Easy to Set up

They also aid you with the full assistance to understand the story and the game, along with the final resolve. All you have to do is:

  • choose a game you like
  • download it
  • get them printed following the guidelines
  • prepare the layout

And ready steady go!

5 Fun Ways to Create a DIY Escape Room

Be it a treasure hunt or sneaking out of a haunted house—such old-school games never lose that pep. So instead of searching for new games on the web, try the all-inclusive escape room kits to make your party a memorable one. Here are your 5 DIY steps:

1. Get It Planned

Believe it or not, the DIY escape room essentials won’t cost you above $30. So when you are choosing your game, keep in mind the occasion and the invitees’ age bar. If the game you select is way too difficult for your young guests, then they will be bored soon.

You can play the escape room in the daytime or evening; the timing is up to you. Get some spots ready before the party, like garden corners, attics, and dusty storerooms to help the kids get the feel.

2. Pick the Most Suitable Puzzle Layout

When you download your escape room kits, you would probably have the liberty to play it in two formats: linear and non-linear.

Choose a linear layout when:

  • you are looking for something simpler that is easy to understand and design
  • you have a smaller group of 2-3 people who want to work together
  • progression assessment should be clear that keeps motivating the player/s
  • your players are not above ten years

Pick a non-linear layout when:

  • you have a larger group of more than four people
  • there are multiple puzzles to solve at a time
  • your players are 13 and above, and they love challenges
  • involves highly creative design elements that delight the participants
  • requires numerous locks to control game flow

3. Set It Right

The printable escape room kits can be played on tabletops or all around and outside the home. But before your guests start arriving, play it once or twice in your head, just to make sure that the layout is correctly set. Remember, in games, such as escape rooms; even the tiniest errors can lead to great confusion. Please be 100% certain that the:

  • puzzle and props are in the right place
  • you are through with the rehearsals
  • the intro video is ready

4. Get Them Customized

If you thought your DIY escape room could get boring after playing just one time and you cannot play a second time with the same crowd around, then here’s a surprise for you. There are a few kits that are editable and can be tweaked. In fact, you can make them personal also if you want.

And if you have more than ten interested candidates, then you can simply take more print outs and make your party swell!

5. Keep Cheering

When the game is on, you better keep watching the clock. As the clock keeps ticking, the participants feel the adrenaline rush. With high spirits, everyone puts their best foot forward to seek escape on or before time.

If you are the host, cheer up every one of them irrespective of the result. Honor the winners with goodies.

The DIY escape room game kits are not just for kids but the tweens as well. From date nights to sleepovers, Halloween parties to school activities, the mind-blowing escape room puzzles assure great adventures. Are you game?


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