5 Great Gift Ideas For A 6-Year Old


As kids grow older, it gets more and more difficult to decide what gifts to get them. They get quite selective about what they want and clearly expressive about what they dislike. Let’s take a look at five great gift ideas that take the guesswork out of what to get for a 6-year old.

Nerf gun

When it comes to providing children with glee, nerf guns are unrivaled in the sheer amount of fun they can create. Your 6 year old will find hours of entertainment with a safe and enjoyable blaster. According to Dart Dudes.com, there are several factors you might want to take into consideration when buying a nerf gun. These include durability, ease of use and power. Many Nerf guns are light, making them convenient for 6 year olds who won’t appreciate the hassle that comes with an overly big toy. They come with multiple bullets as well, so if one is misplaced, the fun will still continue.  Also be sure to check out the best nerf sniper as well.

Doinkit darts magnetic board

Doinkit darts magnetic board

Dart boards make great gifts for 6 year olds for two reasons. The first is that they will enjoy improving their aim and getting closer and closer to the bullseye. The second reason is that it’s something they can spend hours and hours on yet still have fun. The darts use blunt magnets, so you can relax in the knowledge that they are safe for your child.

Play 22 transport car carrier

It’s difficult to find a 6 year old who doesn’t love vehicles. Children at that age are particularly fond of trucks. A play 22 transport car carrier will amaze 6 year olds for its attention to detail and the enjoyment they’ll get from pushing it around. The toy truck is sturdily built; it will survive countless high-speed crashes to the wall.

LaFerrari radio remote control car

A gift every 6 year old is bound to take pleasure in is a fast remote control car. It doesn’t get faster than a Ferrari; that’s true for the toy versions as well. The LaFerrari remote control car will have your 6 year old bursting with joy as they test how far it really goes. The range of the remote is quite good, meaning your child can enjoy playing with the car even from afar. They have been designed to maximize battery life as well, doing away with the inconvenience of stopping to change them every once and again.

Mattel rock em sock em robots

Sometimes 6 year olds just want to show off their competitive side. Rock Em Sock Em bots are perfect for that. Your 6 year old will be able to battle with friends and family in intense tussles inside a ring.

As children enjoy mental stimulation at 6, toys like this one that encourage competition and new ways of developing strategies add a profound level of fun to the experience. The best way to tell if you got your children a great gift is the look of pure delight on their faces when they receive it. The five choices above are sure to be great fits.

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