5 Hacks for More Confidence in the Bedroom


Most people suffer from one or more insecurities when it comes to a romantic time in the bedroom, and this can happen to anyone, whether after years of marriage or for the first time. Building more confidence in the bedroom is about being attuned to your own wants and needs, as well as trying to focus more on positives than on any negatives.

Here are five bedroom hacks which may help you to build your confidence.

1. Try Lingerie

What you wear has the power to make you feel very sexy and great about yourself, and you don’t need to lose that when it comes to spending time in the bedroom. If you don’t feel the same naked as you do when wearing flattering items, it’s always a good idea to try to boost your confidence by wearing lingerie.

Choosing a flattering outfit for the bedroom like this can have you feeling more confident and comfortable, without the worry of having to take it off if you’ve chosen it specifically for the occasion. It may be a good starting point, too, for the right steps to feeling more confident losing more layers over time.

2. Set the Mood

When thinking about a romantic bedroom experience, you may not think it’s overly sexy to have to schedule in some time and plan. However, if spontaneous passion simply doesn’t do it for you — such as when you’ve had a bad day, feel like you need a shower and have just had a heavy lunch — making a plan ahead of time can help to build your confidence in your own body.

This could mean you can control it for the time when you feel your best, make preparations such as a hot bath, and set the mood with candles or music.

3. Consider Treatments for Any Insecurities

There may be some insecurities which can’t be fixed by your own efforts, in which case you may want to look into professional treatment from a medical professional. There is nothing wrong with seeking treatments for issues which are seriously affecting your confidence, and especially when it comes to more intimate insecurities, such as with your skin or your genitals. You can speak to professionals like a Los Angeles doctor for confidence-boosting treatments, such as laser vaginal lightening and more, to help rebuild your confidence with your most intimate areas.

4. Be Vocal with Your Partner

A huge confidence knock can come from not knowing whether what you’re doing is working or wondering what your romantic partner is thinking. Setting up communication in the bedroom is key for a confident encounter. Be sure to always talk about what you like and what you don’t and encourage responses by asking questions. Time spend in the bedroom doesn’t have to mean avoiding talking about what you’re doing.

5. Spend Time with Yourself

If you want to feel confident in yourself, then you need to practice self-kindness and self-care first. If you’re having negative thoughts about yourself or being too self-critical, you might not easily feel comfortable and confident in a romantic way with others. To build your confidence in the bedroom, first build your own confidence by getting to know yourself, getting to know what you like, focusing positively on yourself and treating yourself with kindness.

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