5 Hacks to Keep Your Toddler Out of Trouble


Having a baby crawling and bouncing up and down in your home is one of the sweetest things to a mom or even a dad for that matter. However, sometimes tots get into trouble. Without proper surveillance and things to keep them busy/entertained, toddlers can sometimes create or get into big-time messes. Being the caring parent you are, you don’t want to receive a 911 that your toddler fell down the stairs, touched a burning hot pot or spilled all your coffee. There are some simple things you can do to make it safer for them in the house. Here are 5 hacks to keep your toddler out of trouble and reduce your stress.

Hire a Qualified Nanny

It goes without saying, that moms spend quite a considerable amount of time with their toddlers and often resort to a playpen. As a matter of fact, some moms are so fond of the connection that they won’t spend a second away from their tots. But what about the times when you need to get a nap or rush out to get some groceries? Hiring a babysitter for times like this is arguably the best way to keep your tot out of trouble. Be sure to get an experienced nanny if you have to get one.

Invest In a Quality Baby Monitor

Even with a full-time nanny at home, there are times when the baby will have to spend alone in his or her pen. Even if it’s only a few minutes, anything can happen to your lovely offspring when he or she is alone. Plus toddlers, especially boys can be really adventurous. Investing in a baby monitor cameras is not only a wise option to keep your baby safer but watching the video clips of what your baby does when alone can be incredibly exciting. You can easily monitor their habits and detect a problem before something bad happens.

Put Sharp Objects and Hazardous Material Away

Talk of needles, knives, razors, scissors, and stuff; you don’t want any of those things near your kid. The innocent, lovely being can easily injure themselves with sharp objects. You’ll also want to put away hazardous stuff like bleach, cleaning material, antiseptics, and such. Have them safely locked up and dispose the containers of such material away safely.

Check Your Electrical Wires and Curtains

We obviously can’t do without electronics and some beautiful curtains in our homes. However, the more electrical cords you have laying around, the higher the safety risk faced by your toddler. The same case applies to window treatments. Especially in for the nursery, be sure to invest in kid-friendly or cordless window treatment options to make it safer for your toddler and keep them out of trouble.

Invest In Games for Toddlers

The other way to keep your toddler out of trouble is to keep them busy and entertained. In case you have to rush off for a few seconds, they will hardly get themselves in trouble. There are plenty of games designed for kids that you can invest in. some of these may include exciting stuff such as color-matching, kids’ puzzles, painting, art, play dough, shape sorters, and much more.

The above hacks can help keep your dearest being out of a ginormous hip of possible trouble. In addition, you can even consider investing in a kid’s playpen. In this case, you’d want to make sure you get the best playpen for toddlers.

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