5 Hemp Flower Strains You Have To Try

As opposed to the federally illegal psychoactive strains of marijuana products that contain THC, hemp and CBD have many of the same relaxing qualities without getting you ‘stoned’. Many can be ground up to add to a smoking apparatus or added in its whole form to a vaporizer.

Hemp is similar to marijuana, but it does not contain THC. While these products give you the same enjoyment that you can get from recreationally consuming marijuana, CBD extracts from hemp seeds can have their own benefits. Rather than the conventional CBD oils and products on the market today, using a specific, high quality strain is a fun experience.

The therapeutic benefits of hemp flower is still being studied, but documentation shows that it has a good effect on a variety of ailments. Take a look at these 5 different products that can relax you and really take the edge off.

1. Mr. Rainbow – Organic CBD Hemp Flower

In addition to the colorful name, this strain of CBD is both smooth and mellow. It has a high content of CBD. At 24%, it is higher than most other products available to you. This flower comes with a scientific certificate that can guarantee the amount of CBD and the terpene count in it.


  • You get several choices of size, from an 1/8 ounce to a whole ounce.
  • It is very flavorful, tasting of baked goods and other sweet treats.
  • the effects are long-lasting.

Sour Tsunami – CBD Hemp Flower

While many people use cannabis products for the energetic feeling that they can inspire, Sour Tsunami is known for having a calming effect. This sativa strain is well liked by creatives and shows an effect to boost a users innovation. This strain has just 12.5% CBD but has less that 1% of THC, leading to a relaxed feeling without psychoactive effects. It has been shown to be effective counteracting the effects of anxiety.


  • This strain has an organic, pine fresh scent that is inoffensive and pleasing.
  • It is very relaxing and good for enjoying a night in.
  • Tastes fruity and reminiscent of pine

3. Charlotte’s Web – Man Made CBD Flower and Oil

Charlotte’s Web is a strain of Hemp that has been specially cultivated to contain a large amount of CBD while the THC content is kept low. This hemp is not intoxicating. It is reported as being relaxing and can give a person a joyous, uplifted feeling. For this reason, it is popularly used to treat depression and other neurological conditions. Speak to your doctor about the health benefits that it can have for you.


  • It has an herbal scent with a high myrcene content.
  • It contains 13% CBD content with less than 2 percent of THC.

4. Sweet and Sour Widow – Man Made CBD Flower

This strain of CBD was bred to include the aspects of resin seeds and an unknown strain for a higher THC content. As a CBD, it can make you more easily amused and overall happier. It has an earthy fragrance reminiscent of musk. The taste of this strain is light and floral.


  • This is a mostly indica strain, bringing on a lazy feeling.
  • This was created by CBD Crew, a well respected and reputable company.
  • You can purchase this product in many different sizes, from an 1/8 ounce to an ounce.

5. Acid Dough – Hybrid CBD Flower and Other Products

The version of this strain that includes THC is known for its psychoactive properties, but the CBD dominant version is popular among those who prefer to grow their own. The seeds have a high resin content, making this hemp strain good for concentrates of different forms.


  • This strain bears a sweet aroma, reminding a person of candy.
  • In addition to a sweet scent, this strain has a fruity flavor.

As opposed to the intoxicating effects of products bearing a high content of THC, these products from mrhempflower.com have a relaxing effect thanks to their CBD dominant nature. The therapeutic quality of CBD is well-known but you should speak to your doctor bout which strain is perfect for you.