5 Hidden Benefits of Training Your Dog


A dog owner’s greatest wish is to have a pooch that brings them a sense of pride, joy, and companionship. But when your dog is constantly exhibiting behavioral issues or disobeys you, dealing with it can be stressful not just for you but also for them.

As a dog owner, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is trained properly. While there is no doubt that training is for the dog’s welfare, it is also for your own peace of mind.

Breed, temperament, or age notwithstanding, every dog will benefit from training. In this article, we tell you the reasons why you should train your dog

It Improves Its Safety

When you are able to control your dog using commands, it means better protection for it when it is not restrained. Chances of it being knocked off by a car are also greatly increased when it bolts when unleashed. It can even slip out of its cage when you are about to leave.

Additionally, in case your pup should ever require being put in a shelter or get lost, training helps to make her behave well. 

It Helps To Nurture a Positive Relationship

If you want to develop a much better relationship with your dog, you need to understand just how it learns and use positive training principles. Programs like Brain Training for Dogs emphasize rewarding the dog when it gets a new command right and this is much more effective than using force. This program reinforces the need for positive training, which is based on rewarding and motivating your dog to have good behavior. This way, it allows you to build a good relationship with your dog that’s based on mutual trust and respect as opposed to fear and intimidation. I like Brain Training for Dogs because it’s one of only a few programs that can teach you to influence the behavior of your dog without using force.

Punitive training methods simply don’t cut it as far as dog training is concerned. They are only likely to make your dog more resentful towards you. 

Avoids Problem Behaviors

One of the benefits of dog training is that it establishes a language of communication that builds comfort and security between you and your furry friend. By training your pup to coexist peacefully with humans, you are helping to avoid behavior problems that arise from a lack of understanding. Sadly, many dogs get punished for bad behaviors that are easily avoidable by training. While most dogs will respond well to simple cues like stay and sit, only a few are prepared to deal with real-world pressures of life. 

If your dog exhibits bad behaviors such as constantly chewing on things, barking at people, digging, jumping on people, and showing aggression, this is a good enough sign that it lacks training.

1. It helps to teach old dogs new tricks

There is no shortage of dog training myths that discourage you from going ahead with your planned training. However, most of these myths are untrue and may even be making you encourage improper behavior.

One common untruth about dog training is that older dogs are hard to train. While there is no denying that they may re require a few physical accommodations, they can understand instructions just like the younger ones. This is especially if you get a good program.

2. Helps Your Dog to be More Sociable

Training your dog to behave properly and respect boundaries in social situations will make it easy for other people and dogs to be around her. This makes these social interactions to have positive experiences for her.

If your pup starts to enjoy social encounters, it will be better relaxed, which makes it more manageable.

3. Training allows you to Walk with your dog More Easily

It’s common sight to see owners struggling to control their dogs when they are out with them. You will notice an owner frantically working to keep of the dog from straying into a neighbor’s lawn or places they should not be in.

When your dog is well-trained, it becomes easier for you to take it out for walks. It motivates you to go out for walks with him more frequently, which is good for its health. If you have frustrating and untrained dog, you are less likely to take it out for a walk.

4. Trained Dogs are More Easier to Handle

When your pooch is well behaved, both you and the dog will enjoy an activity you set out to do. For instance, if you want to go put to a park in the company of your friends, a dog that is not socialized will be a challenge to handle and won’t even enjoy themselves.

On the other hand, you will have a much more enjoyable experience with a trained dog.

5. Trained Poodles have Greater Chances of Being Welcome

You must take into the account commercial destinations and your friends when looking at the benefits of having a trained dog. If you frequent a restaurant where dogs are allowed, but you have a dog that’s not properly trained, chances are that you will be less welcome here. The same applies to parties or friends. Therefore, training your dog is not just about you but also other places and your friends.


A dog that’s well-behaved interacts better, experiences less stress, and also forms a stronger bond with you. The purpose of this site is to help dog owners like you to raise dogs that are happy, healthy, and well-behaved. We do this by staying on top of the best dog training programs and recommending training tools and classes. If you are looking for a cheaper and more effective program that uses positive reinforcement,

Brain Training for dogs is just as good a program as any. It will teach you to train your dog to be better behaved and at the same time builds a strong relationship with your furry friend.

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