5 Honest Tips to Increase Your Travel Nurse Salary


Everybody wants to make extra income or increase their salary, so is the case with a travel nurse!

Though nurses don’t go into nursing to get rich, their primary job is to answer calls to help others.

But it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make sure you’re fairly compensated for your services.

There are numerous ways to enhance your compensation as a nurse or allied health professional, but where do you begin?

Here are the tips to increase your travel nurse salary that you’ve always desired.

1. Location

It holds in both real estate and travel nursing. Some markets pay better, whether it’s due to a local shortage of competent specialists or simply a higher cost of living.

The average wage in a metropolitan area is higher than in a rural area. Non-hospital jobs are frequently more lucrative.

Just be aware of the regions that pay more due to a greater cost of living. You might use the extra money to pay for higher rent and groceries.

2. Maximize Your Pay Through Travel Stipends

Per diem stipends for housing and meals are common in travel nursing. These are usually tax-free up to a particular sum determined by the General Services Administration (GSA), which varies by area and time of year.

Stipends are handled differently by different travel nursing agencies. While some companies will compensate you for your real expenses, others will offer a flat fee less than the GSA’s recommended amount.

Stipends can pile up when you work as a professional travel nurse most of the year. Make sure to consider these figures while deciding who to collaborate with.

3. Pursue a New Field

It’s no surprise that some expertise pays more than others. CRNAs and Nurse Practitioners are at the top of the list, although they require a master’s degree. ICU and ER nursing pay well but have a higher degree of stress. And any shift in your field will necessitate seizing the fair chance. Another motivation to expand your professional network is that it can help you advance your career.

The payout is evident if you’re up for the challenge. The combination of degrees, certificates, and experience can result in a specialty that pays six figures rather than five.

4. Be inventive with Your Facility and Industry Preference

When most individuals think of nursing, they naturally think of hospitals, surgical centers, and family practices. That is, after all, where many nurses work. Outside of that context, however, there is plenty of work for nurses, both full-time and part-time.

You can work as an insurance nurse, instruct local nursing students, provide telemedicine support, provide medical transcribing or technical writing services, and various other things. Working in these areas can not only help you earn extra money, but it can also help you discover something new that you enjoy.

5. Be Flexible

You’ll need to be flexible if you want to make as much money as a travel nurse. Being adaptable will enable you to earn more money in a variety of methods. Be willing to accept tasks from across the country. Your recruiter can send assignments in cities where the cost of living is higher.

You’ll be willing to work night or weekend shifts if you’re flexible. Because of your open-mindedness, you’ll be more willing to take on rapid reaction assignments. Because fewer people are up to the task, these jobs pay more.


Hopefully, you’ve figured out how to increase your earnings as a travel nurse. Because they were created by our world-class recruiters and input from travel nurses, these suggestions will help you make more money as a travel nurse.

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