5 Iconic Ray Ban Sunglasses You’ll Love

One of the top most known leader in the eyewear category is the Ray-ban sunglasses. They are known to be the best eyewear brand when it comes to timeless fashion and counterculture in today’s world. Recently, most Hollywood stars, rock stars and the rebels have made it an everyday outfit in the fashion industry. They are also quality and help to ensure that the lens will not pop out of the frame!  Although they come in different styles and design, their iconic look is still the same which is why if you are planning on getting sunglasses to consider the top 5 Iconic Ray-ban sunglasses you’ll love in the below article.

Ray-Ban Wayfarer Sunglasses RB2140

The 4 ounce Ray ban ORB2132 model is one of the most known sunglasses due to its recognized frames. Its plastic frames are squared-shape which comes from the smoothest acetate known whose function is to hold the non-polarized glass lens at a safe angle. Wearing such eyewear protects your eyes from direct UV levels of harm. Moreover, the wayfarer sunglass comes in three different sizes which include 54mm, 52mm, and 47mm. But the new wayfarer comes in 52mm at small fit thus giving you a slim outlook without any discomfort.

Clubmaster Ray-Ban sunglasses

The 5-ounce Ray-Ban ORB3016 model clubmaster has also been one of the best selling sunglasses in the line of shades due to their clear lenses. Its frames are of rectangular shaped metal frame rimmed with plastic material on the frame. Some of its outstanding features are its adjustable plastic temples and nose pads. Also, the glass lenses are easy to clean, but you should avoid cleaning it with chemicals, or the UV coating may get destroyed. Unlike the wayfarer sunglasses, the clubmaster lenses have 100% UV protection with an impact resistance which guarantees you protection. They come in sizes of, 49mm, and 51mm which also comes in different polarized lens options and varieties of colors.

Erika Ray-Ban sunglasses

It is one of the most known brands due to its different varieties of lenses including the polarized lenses. Erika RB4171 is one of the ray ban sunglasses that features both the bright and rubber classic fonts which is outstanding from the rest of the sunglasses. Its round oversize lenses provide you with 100% UV protection whereas the polarized lenses block 99% of the reflected light all these for vision enhancement. Same as any other sunglasses they come in different colors, sizes, and shapes.

Aviators Ray-Ban Sunglasses

It is a 4-ounce Ray-Ban ORB3025 sunglasses which is believed to be the start of the Ray-ban sunglasses. The Aviator comes with a non-polarized crystal lens that is simple to clean. More so, Its frame of steel full-rim which has adjustable golden temples and soft nose pad. Its iconic outlook is brought out by the metal-pilot frame-shaped made of warm metal colors that are very attractive. They also come in 3 different sizes 62mm, 58mm, and 55mm thus can fit any shape face.

Iconic Round Ray-Ban sunglasses

The unisex retro style lenses are the lightest known sunglasses which was inspired by the counterculture in the 1960s. RB3447 model also provides 100% UV protection due to its distinct shape and defined crystal lenses. The tubular framed sunglasses was designed to give you a refreshing experience with the sunglasses. It comes in various colors and sizes since it’s a unisex sunglass thus depends on your choice.

The above descriptions show us that from the different shapes and sizes of the sunglasses, none can make you look awkward in the modern fashion trends. More so, there features, and the frames give you an excellent opportunity to go for the best. Moreover, not all sunglasses protect you from direct UV light so considering the above sunglasses may give your clear outlook of what you require.