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As much as we love the sunshine in Australia, an outdoor umbrella is a crucial outdoor device to protect us against UV rays. Be it a patio umbrella or a cantilever umbrella, they are essential to shield you from inclement weather conditions. Apart from their practical purposes, large outdoor umbrellas can be also used to enhance your outdoor space so that you can enjoy and relax comfortably. You can choose from different designs, sizes, and colours to beautifully decorate your porch, patio, backyard, or pool.

Now that you have become aware of the different possibilities to upgrade your outdoor space with a heavy duty umbrella, you might still be a bit confused about how to make the right choices. Luckily, we are here to help!

While we will tell you a few tips on how you can upgrade your outdoor relaxation space with umbrellas, we also want you to understand about your own preferences. So the first step is to define what you really want to do with your outdoor space. While some folks love being out in the elements, others are sensitive to wind and sun. A few people love hanging out with friends in their backyard, while others want to enjoy a solo retreat. So it’s important that we understand our needs and decide accordingly.

If you have ascertained what you need to do with your outdoor space, go through these five tips to learn about how to enjoy and enhance your outdoor space with a patio umbrella.

Keep it simple!

You know that they always tell you to keep it simple! This is because a basic design has never failed throughout the years. So choosing a classic patio outdoor umbrella could easily serve your purpose. They are timeless too as they evoke comfort and warmth in equal measure. When it comes to choosing colours, you can opt for the eternal cream or stone-coloured umbrellas as they match almost all kinds of colour or décor schemes of your outdoor space.

Measure the space

If you don’t have too much outdoor space, you should look at umbrellas that are big on style but don’t take up a lot of room. Wall-mounted umbrellas are ideal for such spaces because no base or stand is required and they stay where they are put.

However, if you can play around with space, you can always go for cantilever umbrellas. They are usually bigger than patio umbrellas and offer you greater coverage. For example, you can stretch the large outdoor umbrella over an outdoor sofa, chairs, tables, etc.  With the frame supporting the umbrella from its sides, you will get more space to move around underneath. These days, you have the option of customizing an umbrella. So you can purchase an umbrella according to the size you require.


We would suggest you invest a little bit more in heavy duty outdoor umbrellas that have added features and functionality like a tilt mechanism or a 360-degree rotating feature. These features will ensure that you get more protection from the weather elements from morning through evening.

If you opt for a centre pole umbrella, you must bear in mind that the diameter of the base must be large enough to be able to support the weight of the umbrella and its weight must also be sufficient enough to counterbalance the umbrella when open.

Colour Scheme

Before choosing the colour of an outdoor umbrella, you should consider several practical things. Think how well the colour is likely to hold up in your particular environment or how well the colour will complement the rest of your outdoor area. You should also keep in mind that the colour of an umbrella tends to fade over time.

While you can opt for a variety of shades ranging from earthy naturals to vibrant primary colours, you must also remember that dark-coloured umbrellas absorb more heat. So they tend to be warmer than light colours. Lighter shades reflect more light and look crisp and fresh.

Creative designs and lights

A good way of livening up your outdoor space is by using umbrellas with intricate designs and patterns like polka dots or pastel tones or candy stripes. The designs spread a summery vibe and are easy to style your outdoor space.

You can also style an umbrella by using LED lights, especially if you are hosting a special get-together. You can also drape fairy lights through the frame of a heavy duty umbrella to make it look trendy and fashionable.


Outdoor umbrellas could play a key part in styling and designing your outdoor space. So you should invest in a piece that adds quality and style to your set-up. The key is to choose an umbrella that will serve all purposes and will last a number of seasons, not just one summer.

Ultimately, picking the right umbrella comes down to preference. But we are sure that with the above tips, you will be able to transform your outdoor space into a nice relaxing set-up.

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