5 Instagram-Worthy Spots You Can Visit In Hawaii


Hawaii is continuously one of the top vacation spots coveted by many travelers from all over the world. With its stunning beaches, gorgeous landscapes, and vibrant Aloha spirit, it’s the ideal destination for unwinding and snapping gorgeous and Instagram-worthy pictures. When visiting Hawaii, not only will you go home with numerous photo-ops, but you’ll also go home with long-lasting memories.   Make sure your Instagram account is ready for viewing and consider options like Upleap for assistance.

Here are the top must-visit 5 spots where you can capture the perfect Instagram picture when visiting Hawaii: 

1. Waikiki Beach, Oahu 

Hawaii has no shortage of beaches. With almost eight main islands and many other smaller islets, there will definitely be endless opportunities to take a stunning photo. Getting the picture-perfect Instagram snapshot not only requires the ideal backdrop, but the ideal outfit as well. Visiting https://www.collectionsofwaikiki.com when you’re at Waikiki Beach will be the perfect shopping opportunity; you’ll get the chance to choose the right vacation outfits from almost 60 fashion boutiques, and strike a pose. 

Now that the outfit is ready, Waikiki Beach is one of those beaches that can offer you the ideal instagrammable picture. You’ll have the backdrop of a gorgeous sunset with hues of orange and yellow and a sun dipping into the ocean; the classical tropical image of palm trees on a 2-mile stretch of white sand, and you’ll have the idyllic and pristine water in the background. 

2. Spitting Cave, Oahu 

Known for being beautiful and dangerous, the Spitting Cave in Oahu is more than just rock formations by the sea. It’s the ideal destination for adrenaline seekers and travelers looking for a great photo-op. The picturesque wavy cliff land into the bluest of oceans and offer you a chance to cliff-jump and take an amazing picture doing so, or you can take another photo of how the cave lunges back out water from the ocean. Either way, you’ll definitely get an Instagram-worthy picture through this adventurous experience. 

3. Manawaiopuna Falls, Kauai 

Also known as the ‘Jurassic Park’ falls for being featured in the 1993 movie Jurassic Park, Manawaiopuna is a stunning spot to visit. Nestled in the lushest and most fabulous greenery, this gushing waterfall can only be visited via helicopter. Because Manawaiopuna is on private property, many touring companies offer you the chance to witness this marvel at dramatic heights, and you’ll live to say you’ve visited this iconic spot.

4. Waimea Canyon, Kauai 

Once named “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific” by author Mark Twain, the Waimea Canyon is home to deep valleys, red sand, and a vast space of cliffs, gorges, waterfalls, and sites for camping that is ideal for any adventurous traveler. The red, green, and orange colors you’ll see are due to different volcanic flows over the years. It’s the ideal destination for camping, hiking, and taking the perfect picture due to its numerous lookouts. The scenery is gorgeous and absolutely breathtaking, worthy of a stunning picture and a rich experience. 

5. The Na Pali Coast, Kauai 

This remote coast is also ideal for the perfect vacation spot to unwind, witness glorious landscapes, and wildlife as well we take up some water activities. You raft alongside the coast and get up-close and personal with dolphins, turtles, and other marine life. You can explore hidden sea caves alongside the coast as well as hikes to waterfalls. There are also helicopter tours giving you a higher glimpse of the coast as well as some fascinating facts about the Hawaiian culture. You can also opt for some water activities like paddle-boarding and kayaking along the coast. Any of these aforementioned activities will be ideal for an Instagrammable picture. 

Notable Mentions 

The aforementioned spots are only but a glimpse into what Hawaii truly has to offer. The Makapu’u Tide Pools in Oahu is also a worthy destination that not only offers an adventure but stunning views as well. And the great thing is that it’s not crowded with tourists, so once you’ll climb down those rocks, you’ll have the pools to yourself. Lounging on Lanikai Beach and taking the Pillbox hike is also a recommended spot to visit. You’ll find pristine water, white sandy beaches, dramatic cliffs, and an exceptional view when you hike up to the Pillboxes.   Nowadays, traveling is more than just vacationing and relaxing; it’s also getting to witness the beauty of our planet and taking memorabilia back home for reminiscing later. Hawaii offers a variety of activities and adventures for all kinds of travelers. You’ll relax, unwind, go on an adventure, witness stunning backdrops, experience a rich culture, and enjoy the best vacation you’ll ever have. And you’ll have stunning photos you can share on Instagram for later!  

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