5 Luscious Tonic Water Mocktails


Non-alcoholic cocktails also known as mocktails are drinks without any alcohol present in them. Making mocktails with the same exotic flavor without alcoholl can be challenging. Tonic water is here to save the day!

Tonic water is basically a carbonated drink with a little content of quinine. At its time of discovery, quinine was used as a remedy for Malaria. It is responsible for imparting tonic water its sour taste.

Tonic water is generally present in alcoholic drinks, like the famous gin and tonic duo. But there’s nothing stopping you from using it to make a variety of mocktails that can be equally flavorsome!

In recent years, with the rising demands for premium tonic water, several new varieties have been found. In fact, the tonic water market that was valued at 1.72 billion USD in 2019 globally, is expected to witness a robust growth of 7.2% at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) from 2020-2027.

So, with tonic water gaining so much popularity in the market, let’s take a look at how to make 5 luscious tonic water mocktails.

1. Something sweet to the mouth: Tonic water with fruit juice

This one is the sweetest and simplest way to have something sweet with a hint of sourness. You may choose lime water as its sweet and bitter taste would complement the tonic water well. Grapefruit with tonic water can also be a flavorsome blend.

Giving the sweet pomegranate juice or the cranberry juice a chance to blend with tonic water, wouldn’t be a bad idea as well! Also, add some crushed pieces of ice to these mentioned mocktails, and enjoy!

2. A strive for being healthy: Tonic water plus vegetables

This can be done by mixing tonic water with chopped cucumbers or cucumber juice for a revitalizing drink. You can also grace this drink with some rosemary, lemon, or mint. Also, why not try some celery juice with tonic water and some lemon. Add a celery stick towards the end for some shizz you know! ????

Ever heard about a tomato cooler? It’s as refreshing as it sounds! It is tomato juice, tonic water with some lemon. You can also try its Canadian version, which goes by the name Bloody Caesar where you substitute tomato juice with Clamato juice. Don’t forget some crushed ice too!

3. Relish tonic water with some tea syrup

Some tea syrup with tonic water is also a stunning combination! Tea syrup can be made with a cup of sugar, half a cup of water, and a couple of Earl Grey Tea Bags. Then add some lemon juice and then pour 3-4 ounces of tonic water into the tea syrup. Finally, add some crushed pieces of ice, stir it and there you have a glass full of rejuvenating drink ready for you!

4. Something gingery and fruity flavored to savor

This drink is made with a piece of ginger by grating it and then extracting the juice and collecting it in a container. You are then expected to add a cup of fresh orange juice into the pitcher, followed by the tonic water, and then it is ready to be served!

You can use a cheesecloth for grating ginger or in case of its unavailability, you can use your hands as well. Also, if you don’t have blood orange juice, you can also go for some fresh clementine or tangerine juice as its substitute. This tonic water mocktail with a hint of ginger hits you right at the spot!

5. The exotic combination of molasses and shrubs with tonic water

This mocktail named Hot Not Toddy is perfectly suited for an evening outside or a breezy, chilled afternoon. Take 1.5 ounces of Southern Woods Cider House Sours Green Tonic water with 1 tsp of Sorghum molasses. Then add 5 ounces of water or your favorite flavored tea.

Use a lemon wedge for mixing and squeezing. Lastly, grace the drink with Spiced Apple Chip or Winter Rosemary Sprig. Your mocktail is ready and you may quench your thirst with this absolute masterpiece of a drink!

Over to you…

These mocktails are a must-try when you are not in the mood for some alcoholic drink and you wish to enjoy a drink with rich flavors! There are tonic water mocktails for every occasion, every place, and every time of the day. Just make your pick and savor a tasty drink!


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