5 Major Benefits of Using a Graphing Calculator for Students


If you ask an ordinary student about which subject he gets terrified of, the answer will be most
probably MATHEMATICS! Well, there’re few exceptions as well, who actually loves to do the
math and even helps others to understand the most challenging problems in the easiest way. But
no matter how genius a person becomes in mathematics, he/she needs a calculator to solve the
issues. Almost all of us has the idea of basic and scientific calculators and how to use them. But
there’s another kind of calculator who converts the numerical solutions of basic and scientific
calculators into a graphical and more understandable form.

We’re talking about Graphing

calculators, which usually has a big screen than other calculators and portrays the solutions
through plots or graphs. As a student, you can get benefitted in lots of ways with a graphing
calculator. This study has elaborated more about graphing calculators and financial calculators.

Benefits of Graphing Calculator

Graphing calculators are generally used for a student from high schools or upper classes than
that. And if you’re a student of any of these stages, you’re familiar with the higher-level
mathematics problems that become difficult to understand just by looking at some numerical
characters, and not all books have the expiations of all those problems. But a graphing calculator
can save you from this situation. Here’s how:

#1 “More understanding of trigonometry issues as a first benefit of graphing calculator.”

Trigonometry is mostly about measuring the angle and calculation the values based on the angle
and vice-versa. Normal problems are easy to solve with a scientific calculator, but problems in
SAT, GMAT or ACT exams include complicated and broad. There’re you have to a few steps
first to get to the actual solution. A graphing calculator will make the problems much more
comfortable with the plots and graphs that actually makes sense, and you can smoothly proceed
to the solution.

#2 “Statistical issues.”

Statistics is more about graphs, bars and chart than numbers. Both inferential and differential
statistical problems need to be explained with a graphical picture. And even though you
memorize the rules and number, you can’t actually explain those in your exam script without a

proper understanding of the graphic solution. With a graphing calculator, you’ll get a clearer
picture of the statistical data. Even when you’re doing statistical or economic research, inputting
the data into a graphing calculator will help you for a better understanding.

#3 “Benefits of solve geometrical problems.”

Geometrical issues are nothing but graphical scenarios. What’s going to be the edges or
hyperbolic capacities while measuring an area aren’t an easy task to understand and interpret.
Also, while you’re going for professional exams of higher studies like PhD, these problems get
more complicated. But a graphing calculator displays what the data actually means and how and
provides a clear picture of the overall situation

#4 “Advantages of Accuracy.”

One problem we face commonly during a mathematics test is we get confused if the solution is
right or wrong. Because one simple mistake can change the whole answer. And the only way to
know that is if the data and graphical lines match with each other just the way it has been
described in the problem scenario. Well, that’s what a graphing calculator does. With it, you can
get the straight idea about the accuracy of your calculated answer.

#5 “Increases the learning speed.”

It’s scientifically proved that we tend to remember pictures or graphical objects more than a
number or equations. Because images and graphical objects help us to make a practical
connection with problems and we get a better understanding of that. A graphing calculator by
showing the figures of some numerical data helps us to learn more easily and quickly because
through that we’re now getting the pattern of solving a problem.
Things to consider if you want to grab all of the benefits from your

Graphing Calculator

As now you’ve got the idea of what a graphing calculator is and how it’ll help you to solve
difficult problems in the most fun and enjoyable way, you may decide to buy a graphing
calculator. Since we’ve already helped you with the beneficial facts, we’d like to help you more.
Here’re some facts that’d be wise to consider before buying a graphing calculator.

Screen Quality

It’s best to buy a calculator with LCD. Graphing calculator displays can be colourful or black
and white. It’ll be your decision about what kind of screen you prefer. Also, check if the colors
or number are clearly visible and understandable or not.

Excellent Battery Life

Graphing calculators usually have a battery system, but many of them come with a solar panel
too. Although this kind of calculators requires less power than a tablet or similar devices like
this, still be sure about the battery quality because a student should only care about his exams,
not the battery life!

Button Size

Button sizes should be comfortable and big enough for inputting data comfortably. Different
graphing calculators have different sized buttons. Try a few different models and choose the one
that seems fine to you.

Screen size

Although graphing calculators usually have a larger screen than other types of calculators,
there’re different sized screens available for graphing calculators as well. It depends on how
many lines the screen is capable of showing. If it doesn’t show the complete or at least a decent
understandable picture of the problems you’re going to solve then it won’t benefit you. That’s
why make sure to know how many lines the screen allows to portray.

Bottom Line

To tell about the benefits, graphing calculators can be used for kids as well to give them the basic
idea of their mathematics problems. But it’s better not to let the students of elementary level use
graphing calculators, because they may grow a dependency on it and it’ll hamper their critical
thinking growth. Although there’s no doubt that graphing calculators are really helpful to know
what a mathematical problem actually means and many times it even increase the enjoyment of
solving a mathematical issue!

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