5 Mind-Blowing Bars in Las Vegas

When most people think of Las Vegas they think of gambling. While there are dozens of casinos around for people to try their chance at luck, what’s even more prominent are the bars. Cocktailing and mixology are also a huge part of what makes Vegas so appealing to tourists.

Though there are plenty to free drinks to be found on the casino floor, there’s nothing better than soaking in the experience of a local Vegas bar. Keep reading to learn about 5 mind-blowing bars that you don’t want to miss on your next trip to the City of Lights.

1. The Chandelier

As the name would imply, this bar not only houses chandeliers, it’s designed to look like one as well! The Chandelier bar is a three-floor cocktail lounge that is covered in a crystal chandelier worth $2 million. If you love to be surrounded by glitz and glamour while enjoying your favorite drinks, this is the bar for you.

Each floor offers a unique vibe. The second floor is definitely one of the most loved, offering cocktail artists who create truly mind-blowing cocktails. Drinks are made using purees, foams, tasty garnishes, tinctures, and more.

This Las Vegas bar isn’t for the faint of heart (or wallet!), but the experience is well-worth the money you’ll be spending to enjoy some of the best and rarest spirits in the world. Be sure to dress to impress and be prepared for levels of fun!

2. Velveteen Rabbit

If you’re looking for a bar that takes you away from the bright lights and tall buildings found on the strip, look no further than the Velveteen Rabbit. This bar offers exquisite vintage decor that creates a truly warm and welcoming atmosphere. Run by two sisters, the Velveteen Rabbit offers a cocktail menu that changes each season.

What’s amazing about this bar is not only its funky and artsy decor, but the highly unique ingredients that are used in its cocktails. You’ll find drinks that include dandelion tea, dill-infused gin, corn cream, and even aquafaba.

For a truly memorable experience, this is a bar worth visiting. You’ll have the option to try cocktails that you definitely won’t find anywhere else in Vegas, let alone in the world!

3. Commonwealth

If you’re looking for a break from The Strip and aren’t a huge fan of cocktails, you’ll find the refreshing break you need at Commonwealth. This place isn’t like most Vegas bars that have a huge knack and following because of its cocktail-heavy menu. Instead, Commonwealth offers a huge list of classic and delicious beer and wine, perfect for when you need a reprieve from the laundry list of cocktails you find at other Las Vegas hot spots.

Depending on the weather, the rooftop area is a great place to take in the scenery and to pass some time soaking in some fresh air. Otherwise spend some time indoors at the 6,000 square-foot bar surrounded by pre-Prohibition era décor, art, and architectural influences.

4. Bound

Upon entering Bound, you’ll immediately be taken back to the 1970s. The bar is warm yet dark, swanky yet welcoming. The gold and dark tones combined with subtle lighting create a one-of-a-kind feel.

Bound can be found at The Cromwell and is the purest definition of a classy cocktail lounge. Though a lobby bar, you can expect an intimate feel, making this the ideal place for some one-on-one conversation with a friend or to make new acquaintances.

If you’re up for a little early-morning day drinking, the Breakfast Martini is a must try. This drink is gin-based and includes orange marmalade and orange juice for a delicious daytime beverage.

5. The Dorsey

After getting your eat on at the Venetian’s Restaurant Row, The Dorsey is the best next stop on your list. This bar has been open since 2016 and is the ideal place to stop for a pre-dinner drink or for a final nightcap. The lounge offers high-end cocktails. Curl up on one of the bar’s oversized and comfortable chairs and enjoy sipping your favorite concoction.

The space is the perfect combination of sexy and dark, creating an environment that’s warm, welcoming, and almost a little homey feeling. Before leaving the bar, be sure to try out “The Penicillin,” one of The Dorsey’s most praised drinks by tourists and media alike.


There’s much more to Las Vegas than gambling. And even though free drinks on the house are nice, there’s nothing better than spending hours at a local bar, meeting locals, and trying some of the best cocktails you’ll ever have.

To enjoy the other side of Vegas outside of the casinos, be sure to pencil in some time to enjoy some of the most amazing bars in the area.