5 Most Common Urgent Care Injury Visits


Being in pain isn’t a good time for anyone, whether due to illness or injury. When you need to see a physician in a hurry and don’t have an appointment scheduled, sometimes visiting a local urgent care center is a perfect solution. Urgent care centers can treat common injuries and illnesses when you need them right away but don’t want to go to the hospital emergency room.

Urgent care centers, such as the urgent care in Weatherford, TX, can treat numerous issues for patients who need care but are not necessarily suffering from life-threatening injuries or sickness. Below are five of the more common injuries urgent care centers handle regularly.

1. Falls

Trip and fall injuries are a common occurrence at home, school, and work for people. Sometimes, people simply trip over or fall over raised areas, contributing to injuries such as scrapes and bruises, needing evaluation for severity. If the injury involves head trauma, it is imperative to be evaluated for a concussion, such as the urgent care in Weatherford, TX.

2. Lacerations

Accidents happen all the time while doing mundane tasks at home or work. Sometimes, the freak accidents that nobody expects will put you in the position of seeking medical help fast. Urgent care is perfect for minor cuts that need attention and maybe even require a stitch or two.

3. Minor Burns

From cooking accidents to chemical spills, minor burns are injuries that need to be treated quickly to mitigate further damage to your skin. Urgent care can assess the damage and treat minor burns, sending you on your way with all the information you need to speed healing.

4. Sprains and Strains

Sprains and strains can be extremely painful and can be seen quickly in an urgent care center to offer relief expediently. Many centers have specialized staff to quickly diagnose the problem and start care immediately, staving off the need for another office for specialized care.

5. Simple Fractures

Sports injuries, playground spills, and home accidents happen and sometimes require more than a bandage. When this happens, finding care quickly such as the urgent care Weatherford TX can make it easy to be examined swiftly. Frequently in today’s urgent care, diagnostic machines such as X-rays determine the extent of your injury. For major issues, fractures can temporarily stabilize and send you to a qualified specialist.

Care When You Need It

When you are involved in a minor accident, you can save time and money by seeking treatment at an urgent care center rather than your local emergency room at a traditional hospital. Urgent care centers can quickly assess injuries and begin treatment immediately, saving you time and money. With more on-site diagnostic equipment than ever before, many common injuries can be treated efficiently by qualified and caring staff in an orderly fashion. You won’t need an appointment to see a qualified professional, and the wait time is often very reasonable. When you need help fast, visit an urgent care near you.

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