5 Most Famous Slot Games in The World


Gambling as a pastime has a long and storied history stretching back as far as recorded human history goes. Through time our understanding of betting, odds and the human psyche has evolved and expanded and consequently the kinds of games in which gambling has manifested have become ever more refined to reflect our instinctive biases and reward-seeking behaviours.

Perhaps no style of betting game better reflects our current apex of this understanding than online slot games, which provide players with exactly the kind of feedback, thrills and excitement we crave through a highly tailored and laser-focused design. Our senses are overwhelmed with flashing colours, colourful iconography, and anticipatory sounds as we dive into the enjoyment and exhilaration of pulling the lever and spinning the reels. In this article, we look at some of those slot games that currently demand the greatest fame and attention in the casino world, particularly in the online space – some enduring classics and some newer, we explore them below.


Starburst has been around since 2012 and has since its release wowed players with its dreamy approach to the science fiction theme. It is a perfect example of an enduring modern slot that combines a synergistic design philosophy with perfect execution. Everything from the spacey colour palette of pinks, indigos and purples to the homage to classic slots via their choice of symbols works cleverly to unite astronomical themes with the medium’s historical foundation. For a feeling of deep space exploration, there really are few other slots quite like it – and it is a testament to this innovative design choice that the game has retained such fame and popularity in recent years.

Rainbow Riches

Rainbow Riches is a cheerful modern slot with a history stretching back to 2013. Playing on the fantastic themes of Irish history and art, its jocular leprechaun with a pot of gold belie the mature aesthetics of traditional Gaelic calligraphy. Surely it is in large part due to this iconic style that it has risen to enormous fame in recent years and is now available across a multitude of casinos, websites, apps and games. The concepts of a road to riches and a huge payout of a pot of gold have been cleverly integrated into the gameplay mechanics resulting in a fanciful but masterly concocted slot game that manages to fuse its joyful take on the genre with a unique and interestingly executed design.

Gonzo’s Quest

Gonzo’s Quest is nearing its 10th birthday having been released all the way back in 2011. It’s a long-time favourite in the world of slots and features a theme revolving around the Spanish Conquest of the Americas in the 16th century. Named for its eponymous explorer Gonzalo “Gonzo” Pizarro, fictional brother to the famed real-life conquistador Francisco Pizarro who searched in vain for the fabled golden city of El Dorado, it features a great theme that works superbly well with the genre of slots – exploration and the search for hidden treasures in abandoned and ancient ruins. The game presents this theme through a keenly and carefully guided aesthetic that marries mesoamerican stone carvings with the natural beauty of that part of the world. Being such a pleasant visual experience, Gonzo’s Quest is likely to continue on as a favourite and famed slot game for years to come.

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah is a gorgeous nature-themed slot with a playful style. It features the animals of the African savannah such as the giraffe, zebra, lion, elephant and so on. The main focus manifest in the game’s design is to provide a cheerful happy experience and this is effortlessly exuded through its easy-going music and fun cartoonish style. One of the reasons for its current huge wave of popularity is its reputation for having created several millionaires through its huge jackpots.

Book of Ra

Few slots have quite the same level of claim to fame as Book of Ra, the Ancient Egyptian themed game referencing the infamous Book of the Dead and that has been around ever since 2005. It’s frequently been referred to as the most played slot in many countries and for good reason – it features a multitude of minigames and clever mechanics that infuse the classic design of slot games with an even richer player experience. Owing to its age in the genre, its graphics and sound are dated but still enjoyable and in fact have come to represent something of a nostalgic note for gamblers around the world.

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