5 Most Popular Email Marketing Softwares


One of the key secrets to upscaling your business is using the right software. With tons of email marketing tools, it’s confusing to find which one that works efficiently and provides value and ease of use. There are also specific features that provide higher conversion rates.

Your primary objective is to find the right software that grows with your business and provides visible results from ease of use, functionalities, affordability, efficiency, and feature-rich email marketing tool crafted to your needs.

Every business has its unique needs when it comes to software. For example, there are strategically developed software for developers, bloggers, eCommerce stores, marketing automation, and more. One may recommend this software simply because it works for them. However, it may not work with another marketer.

It is where you check comprehensive and top-recommended tools for email marketing under categories and variables. Here are the top five must-use and extremely popular software for email marketing.

Five Most Popular Email Marketing Tools

There are different factors and features that affect the efficiency of software, especially if you are looking for something to upscale your business. Email marketing tools must provide value through ease of use, affordability, deliverability, or integrations.

Here are the most recommended and top-notch tools for effective email marketing.

  • Active Campaign

Beginners can navigate with this software like a pro due to its ease of use. It’s pretty straightforward and rich with ROI-boosting features. You can also check this ActiveCampaign review for an in-depth product insight. From predictive content, sending, triggering SMS, site messages on your site, and access to exceptional toolkits, no wonder it’s trusted by most entrepreneurs.

ActiveCampaign pioneered visual automation development compared to all email marketing tools. With a/b testing capability inside the automation sequence, it allows you to relax and let automation optimize to help you focus on other vital things.

This tool depicts the complete balance of affordability, convenience, and power.

ActiveCampaign Review: Features and Pricing

  • ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a straightforward email marketing tool that you can exclusively use for blogging and courses online to help build your brand. There are no email templates which allows users to submit plain emails to customers with the goal of increasing engagements.

It’s practical for every entrepreneur that wants to create a solid brand. It’s suitable for creators who go for simplicity while serving its target audience with traditional content.

  • AutoPilot

Sending emails in bulk is a thing of the past. With these tools provides automation but with the right recipe to your customers. One of the important factors of email marketing is to custom-fit your emails to your target audience.

With marketing automation, AutoPilot is developed for that sole purpose. They have one of the most excellent canvases in creating a sequence for email automation. It allows you to annotate automation sequences with stickers, explanations, or emojis. It’s easier for a team to collaborate on creating email marketing sequences.

  • Omnisend

When it comes to boosting your eCommerce biz, this tool is a must-have. It’s strategically designed for upscaling eCommerce brands. Omnisend controls your marketing through multiple channels as it provides automated emails, push notifications, and SMS.

It impressively integrates with Facebook ads, Instagram, Google Ads, Whatsapp, and Messenger—all of which claim to have 10x increase click-through rating compared to emails. It’s focused purely with eCommerce and has designed innovative templates for your email that reduces drive and abandonment through repeated buyers.

  • Moonmail

Moonmail is an excellent open-source email marketing software built on the back of Lambda and Amazon SES. It provides the infrastructure advantage of AWS while it allows you to create campaigns through friendly UI.

The API is great, you can upload the tool with your AWS, and it’s open-source. With all technicalities, Moonmail is suitable for every developer.

How To Determine A Good Email Marketing Software

A highly-efficient email marketing tool must provide complete convenience, ease of use, affordability, and most of all, saves you time to convert your leads to sales. It also allows automation from repeated customers easily.

All in all, your tool must provide:

  • Ease of use
  • Competitive features
  • Cost-efficient
  • Deliverability
  • Security
  • Training or support
  • Reporting
  • Integrations
  • CRM compatibility


By analyzing every data, comprehensive research, and updated features, finding the most suitable email marketing tool that helps upscale your business is conveniently easy. Knowing what features to check and the top recommendations, you don’t need to find a needle in a pile of hay any more. You’ll easily land on the best marketing tools that convert leads into sales at a higher percentage.

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