5 Must Have to Start a Barbeque Party


If you’re here, then you must be on the verge of planning an epic barbeque party and you need a little guidance. First of all, there’s no shame in asking for help, second, we’re more than happy to give you some pointers on where to start. So, before anything, make sure you read on to know the five most essential items you need to have in your barbeque party.

1. Garden Furniture

It’s an underrated item because people usually focus on the items related to the food. However, what people don’t know is that food is an activity that makes people, by instinct, feel vulnerable. This is why we like to eat while comfortable, that’s the only proper way for food to be properly enjoyed. So, imagine grilling the best cuts in the world and basting them with a legendary sauce, but never getting the chance to actually enjoy all of that. It’s a shame. And, it doesn’t stop here. An important part of every barbeque party is the post-meal conversations that can make or break a party. The point is, make sure you have enough chairs and tables and as for accessories, vases and such, they are always a plus but be careful of any kids who might be running around.

2. Barbeque Utensils

A grill is like the main star of a film, but who is the main star without co-stars? After all, they are the ones who bring out the best in this big star and help showcase their talent. Likewise, having a pair of tongs, a fork, a knife, a marinade brush, and a spatula is the only way you can put your grill to actual use. Don’t forget to buy long-handled ones because the last thing you want is buying all those utensils and not being able to use them because you literally can’t stand the heat. It’s important that you feel comfortable while barbecuing because, if you do a quick job just to get away from the flames, it will show on your food.

3. Barbeque Grill

Believe it or not, it’s not about buying a good-looking grill and that’s it. There’s a lot more that goes into what grill you should buy. It depends on whether you want it to be coal-powered or gas-powered or even electricity-powered, as well as other factors. Not only that, but we found out on Fire Food Chef that each cooking method is taken very seriously. We believe it’s because of the different impacts they have on flavor. Add to that, the amount of time it takes to the grill to fully heat up. The point is, if you’re at all passionate about the food you’re serving, it is best if you take your time when picking a grill.

4. Meat Thermometer

It’s so important that it needs its own section. See, grills are tricky. They can be hot enough for the outer skin to cook, but not for the inner parts of the cut. And, because serving raw meat would be the definition of a failed barbeque, and also a shortcut to getting salmonella, you need to have an accurate way of checking if your meat is done. With one of these thermometers, checking your meat would be as simple as sticking the thermometer inside a cut, and checking the temperature against a chart which you can find online anywhere.

5. Barbeque Supplies

Other than the food, which all that you need to know about is to get a lot of, you need to make sure you have enough disposable plates, cups, and utensils. Using your home plates and utensils will only prove to be too much work after the party, come dishwashing time. That is assuming that no one drops or breaks anything, of course. But, why take the risk when you can get plastic plates and cups, have your party, then throw it all away when you’re done? And, while you’re at it, don’t forget the tiny napkins with cool prints, these are quite the fun item.

With those items in mind, we guarantee you a complete barbeque. All that’s left for you to do is to invite your guests, break out your special apron and start cooking. Remember, BBQ parties are all about fun and bonding over good food, so don’t stress too much about having a good barbeque. As long as you and your guests are smiling and the food is tasty, there’s no need to worry at all. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and start prepping.

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