5 Myths About Online Poker


There are many myths surrounding online poker, many of which are repeated so frequently that people generally consider them real. Unfortunately, some of these provide an entirely inaccurate picture of what it’s like to play poker online. They can put people off from playing, and some of them are simply gamers looking for excuses for why they lose money.

Although there are many ways in which poker online differs from live poker, the game itself is essentially the same. Some seem to think online cards work differently and aren’t as random as cards from a real deck, but this is untrue.

Let’s look at these myths and try to clarify them so you won’t get confused and believe in them anymore. Also, make sure to visit a legit idn poker platform for safer betting online.

Busting Poker Myths

Myth #1 Online Poker is Fixed

One of the most common myths attached to poker games like Texas Hold em online is that it is rigged. Some people say that poker sites are dishonest and intend to defraud players.

Most people who claim that playing online is fixed come from players who do not understand the game’s math. Some players who lose when they play online try to find something or someone to blame, so they do it by making or believing the myth that the game is fixed.

Other people who believe that poker games online are set are those who haven’t tried the game and believe what they have heard.

It is unfair to conclude and label them as a scam or fixed. The truth is reputable poker sites are making enough money that they do not have to rip off their players. In addition, these sites are regulated and licensed; therefore, cheating is impossible.

Try to play on a single reputable poker site, and you’ll see that your experience is perfectly fair and not the opposite.

If you believe in this myth, it’s up to you. You might lose your chance of experiencing the fun and greatness of poker if you won’t try it. If you need to find a reputable site, go to GGPoker, the world’s largest poker room, and you’ll find plenty of poker games and evidence that poker online is a reliable sport.

Myth #2 Good Players Always Win

Most people will assume that when a person is good at playing poker, they always win. But this is not true. Sometimes winning comes down to variance, how an individual wins or loses based on luck.

Professional poker players who have been around for years have experienced losing streaks. After all, no one wins in poker all the time.

If you are often losing, don’t be hard on yourself. Keep practicing and honing your skills; sometimes, your strategies will work, and luck will be with you.

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Myth #3 You Get More Bad Beats

If you play poker online for any length of time or even talk to a few online players, you will surely come across this myth. It’s a dangerous misconception because players who believe they will do poorly are more prone to start acting emotionally and irrationally while playing.

Players undoubtedly encounter more terrible beats when playing online because they play considerably more hands every hour, which is the only explanation. Bad beats appear more frequently when players are playing faster, and there may be occasions when they appear constantly.

Myth #4 You’ll Lose Because You Can’t Read Your Opponent

Many players like playing online because no one can see them, and they can hide their looks or don’t need to get up and get ready.

However, some would believe the myth that you won’t win a poker hand because you can’t read your opponent’s face.

Not reading your opponent’s face is an excuse for players who lose. In poker, reading a person’s face is not the only factor that can help you when playing. Knowing how to calculate your odds and understanding how each player moves are other factors you must consider.

You'll Lose Because You Can't Read Your Opponent

Myth #5 You’ll Lose After Cashing Out

The phrase “cash out curse” is another myth based on nothing more than unsupported rumors that lead you to believe the cards dealt aren’t as random as they should be. If you’ve spent time reading online poker forums or talking to online players, there’s a good chance you’ll have come across it.

Many believe that poker rooms ensure players always have losing streaks following withdrawals. It isn’t accurate, and it’s hard to see why a website would even want to do this.

Some believe that poker sites do this to discourage people from leaving, but you’ll realize that this reasoning is vague since sites won’t gain anything when they make their players lose a game.

It’s a myth that some people use to explain why they fail. Since some people cannot accept that they play poorly or have a bad streak, they find ways to blame myths they read or hear.

Go and Play Before Assuming

You shouldn’t believe what you read or hear about poker online unless you try it. Some myths have no evidence to support their claim, so you’ll believe in something untrue.

Best online poker sites exist and have proven to be fair. They even work hard to maintain their site to function well and safely so that their players can only experience the best services and enjoy their game.

It is essential to remember that in poker, sometimes you win, and sometimes you lose. All you need to do is learn from your mistakes, improve your skills, and continue to practice your game instead of believing and blaming your failure on myths.

If you are ready to play real money online poker, sign up at GGPoker today for fun poker games that are fair and fun.

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