5 Natural Ways to Support ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder is a common and treatable mental health condition. It affects both adults and children globally. ADHD can cause disorganisation, fidgeting or lack of focus. Individuals with this mental condition also have a hard time remaining still and calm, and some experience hyperactivity.

Suppose you or your loved one has this mental condition. In that case, nootropics for supporting ADHD offer a natural and effective way of reducing and even eliminating the effects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. In most cases, treatments include ADHD medication, but an increasing number of individuals have started to opt for a more natural way involving naturally extracted supplements and treatment options.

If you’re looking to treat this condition naturally, here are five natural ways to support ADHD. Go through them to learn more.


Taking supplements has proven to provide massive health benefits for any individual with physical and mental well-being. It doesn’t matter whether you have ADHD or any other mental condition; there is a supplement to help you significantly reduce or eradicate the symptoms.

While research is mixed up, numerous promising studies suggest supplement usefulness could be the real deal for supporting ADHD. Natural supplements that can eradicate ADHD symptoms include those with vitamin B6, zinc, magnesium and iron.


Multiple scientific studies show that many individuals with ADHD symptoms benefit from exercise. Just a single 20-minute aerobic exercise helps improve attention performance. Other scientific studies have shown that individuals with ADHD benefit from acute exercises since they help normalise alertness and arousal levels.

People with ADHD need at least an hour of vigorous exercise daily. Apart from exercise, another natural remedy is enough time in nature. Green outdoor activities also help reduce ADHD symptoms in children and adults.

Enough Sleep

Most individuals with ADHD symptoms have sleep problems. Having enough sleep each day can go a long way in eliminating a restless body and mind. Research has indicated that even half an hour of additional night sleep can have a significant positive effect.

To have enough sleep, stick to an expert bedtime schedule even during weekends and ensure the room has a comfortable temperature and it’s dark. Try to create a relaxing routine before bedtime to let your body and mind wind down and sleep gradually.

Balance Your Diet

Balancing your diet by reducing sugar and processed foods improves mental sharpness and overall health. Be sure to add healthy foods to your diet, including those rich in omega-3 fatty acids, B vitamins, and proteins. Avoid foods with high levels of sugar, gluten, food dyes and colouring, caffeine, nitrites, and artificial sweeteners.

Try EEG Biofeedback

Electroencephalographic biofeedback, shortened as EEG, is a neurotherapy that helps measure brain waves. Multiple studies have shown that EEG training is a promising ADHD treatment. You can play your favourite video game or concentrate on a certain task. By doing so, you can be able to improve your ADHD symptoms.

These five natural ways can help you significantly reduce or eliminate ADHD symptoms. Try them out, and if the condition persists, seek professional help.