5 Non-Boring Ways to Wear Your Denim Jacket


Denim Jackets have never been so “IN” in the markets, and there couldn’t be a better time to sport one. Right from your bike rides, to your little café ventures, or even your date nights, denim jackets can make heads turn anywhere and everywhere. But you definitely don’t want to wear it the old-fashioned way, instead, add some spice to stand apart from the crowd.

After all, everyone has been wearing denim jackets lately, and to stand out, you just cannot do the same. So, here we are with an amazing list of 5 ways you can style your denim jacket, and quit the old-boring way of wearing it.

1. Co-ordinate

To all the women out there, stop wearing your denim jacket alone, that means, without a denim skirt or denim jeans. Try it with a similar shade of denim bottom. It’s a raw and rough look. Perfect your daytime winter visits. You can also add a hood to the look, for some added glamour.

2. Denim on denim

It exactly is what it sounds. Emphasize your denim look, which means wear two denim jackets, one on top of the other. It really looks cool and helps you stand out from the crowd. No, it is not bulky if you think so, but yes, a cooler climate is what you need to look for to try this look. Also, accessorizing it with a heavy metal necklace or a casual pair of sneakers will just level up your game.

3. Experiment

If you are not a person who likes to coordinate, it’s time to mix it up with different shades. A dark denim with a lighter shaded skirt, or vice versa, will add the desired spice to your otherwise casual denim look. So, take out all your denims and experiment with different shades – I am sure there are a few waiting in your wardrobe

4. Unbutton

Since most people wear their denim jackets unbuttoned, you must be thinking, what’s special about it. To give it a different look, you need to unbutton your jacket only partially – that is neither entirely buttoned or unbuttoned.

Wear your denim jacket like a belly-baring crop top, which means, unbutton it from your belly, till down. Now, wear skirts or pants, denim recommended. This will help you set apart from the usual denim looks and turn heads when you walk in the crowd.

5. Long denim jacket

Women love wearing dresses, and nothing better than a long denim jacket to sport along with it. We know a long denim jacket is not that easily available, but you can always customize one. The idea is to wear it like a trench coat. This laid-back layer will surely make you stand out.

Make your own!

Walk the talk, that’s what matters at the end of the day. No matter what look you sport, you need to be confident in sporting them. While going through the above points, you must have understood that there isn’t much we are asking you to do, just little variations, and you are good to go. Further, remember to not limit yourself to the ones mentioned above, experiment, and explore – after all, real fashion is when it depicts you!

Now that you want to source the best denim jackets there is – start with exploring the best offline stores and skim through the catalogs of famous women’s clothing online stores. Online stores not only offer you an amazing variety but also charge you prices lower than the market. However, remember to not make any impulsive decision, see, explore, compare and then make the final decision.

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