5 Photography Tips to Capture Your Wedding Day

A wedding day should capture beautiful moments between the bride and the groom, without excluding friends and family. Couples look forward to an album full of photos perfectly taken on their big day. However, shooting on a wedding day is not easy. It takes skills and professionalism.

Experienced wedding photographers make an effort to put some thought into every detail to capture each special moment.

Here are some tips to help you capture the best moments of your special day:

1. Prepare Well for the Wedding Day

Preparation is important before thinking of anything else. A photographer needs to prepare well because things do happen on that day. Make sure there is a backup plan in case things go wrong. Visit the wedding venue in advance to be familiar with the route. Carry backup batteries and find a team that can come to your rescue in case yours does not deliver.

An extra memory card is also important because pictures are usually taken throughout the day and thus might get full before the day ends. It is advisable to be part of the rehearsal team to get lighting ideas and the best locations with great angles for photography.

2. Lighting

Photography depends highly on good lighting, making it a key ingredient for photography. The more the lighting, especially if it is an indoor event, the better. Add as much lighting as possible if it is an outdoor wedding.  Although don’t worry too much if the lighting in your photographs is not as you imagined. You can easily edit the pictures using Lightroom presets for your wedding photos, as well!

A photographer should create a romantic atmosphere with sources of lighting to include lanterns and candles. If the options are not available, opt for natural light. Most photographers let brides sit close to a window for a more natural look during her makeup session.

3. The Couple and the Cake Photo

Capture the couple before cutting the cake, ensuring they move near the cake. Cakes are important during weddings and the couple would want to have a memory of it. Therefore, ensure you capture it at all angles before it is cut and during the cake cutting session.

The first shot should be the moment they take the knife. Shoot the process; capture funny moments and also when they are feeding the cake to each other.

4. Capture the Bouquet in a Complementary Background

It takes a couple of days, months or even years to get a final thought. Therefore, the following are some of the details you should not fail to capture. Bouquet; the background should complement the flowers and after the shot, take pictures of the bride and her bridesmaids with that bouquet.

5. Don’t Forget the Dress, Shoes and Rings

Bring out intricate details of both the dress and shoes. Choose a nice location to hang the dress and flatter it when taking a shot. And finally, the wedding rings; this is the point where a photographer’s creativity is showcased.

Pose the rings together in a way that brings out their beauty. Flowers and branches are perfect for an outdoor shooting. If possible, add cufflinks and other accessories beside the rings.

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