5 Qualities To Look For In The Best Cigars


To find the best cigar options, consider your palate for taste, smells, and texture preferences. There are also some nonnegotiable, overlapping qualities that all cigar smokers seek out. For instance, no matter how well-regarded a cigar may be, it’s not the best if you don’t like how it tastes!

While it is possible to enjoy a cigar with an unideal appearance, you’re going to be more inclined to try visually appealing cigar options. Likewise, the look of the cigar should also be appealing, or you won’t want to try it. You want the wrapper to complement the aging of the cigar and to find caps with three seams, to ensure that the body has been wrapped correctly.

Beyond these basics, however, what should you expect in the best options? Factors like whether you’ll be smoking with others or if you plan to drink and smoke together are valid, as they will influence the brands that work best for each situation. Here are five qualities to help narrow down what to look for in cigars.

1. The Cigar’s Appearance

While the cigar’s appearance alone won’t dictate the quality, it will be the first aspect of the cigar to catch your eye. To find the best, make sure to note the look and feel of the wrapper. You might gravitate towards options with colorful wrappers and those with oil marks. You shouldn’t see many bumps or ridges.

2. The Taste Experience

When it comes to the best cigars, know that it’s impossible to separate taste and smell. Keep an eye out for cigars that have complementary tastes and aromas to ensure you choose the best.

3. The Overall Assembly

Part of the experience of enjoying a cigar is a seamless draw. For the best draw, you want a cigar that is not too easily pulled or has trouble burning straight. If it seems like your cigar is not filled enough, this may compromise the ease of the draw. If you’re struggling to retain smoke as you take in the cigar, you’re not dealing with one of the best.

4. The Brand Consistency

When you get acquainted with a brand of cigars, you should be able to rely on a consistent experience every time. The taste, aroma, and feel should be the same each time you purchase a new box. Cigar blenders that know what they’re doing can ensure that the taste is always the same, regardless of the growing season.

5. Drink Pairing Consistency

If you’re a scotch fan, a cocktail fain, or a wine lover, be sure to find cigar options that pair well with your drink. You should be able to rely on cigar and drink pairings just as consistently as you can on cigar brands. If pairings fail you, consider choosing different options.

Get The Best Of The Best

The best cigars meet your expectations of taste, aroma, drink pairings, assembly and construction, and value. Look for these qualities to ensure you’re getting the best of the best.




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