5 Reasons Fantasy Cricket Leagues Are Popular in India


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in India after Football and Kabaddi. The craze for Cricket is unmatchable in India. In the country, the sport has been considered as a religion for over several decades. Cricket’s fan following in India is so huge that it’s difficult for the number of people passionately following the sport. As per the report by Business Insider, 91% of 13.6 crore sports fans i.e 12.4 crore people are avid followers of cricket in India. It is evident from the fact that fan following for the sport of cricket is innumerable. The rise in fan following for Cricket tends to grow over the next few years.

Due to his rising popularity and growth of cricket in India, Fantasy Cricket Leagues or just Fantasy Cricket has become more popular over the last few years. Fantasy Cricket is a platform for every cricket enthusiast to create their own Playing XI, score more points than their opponents and win exciting cash rewards. It is also an amazing opportunity for the people to get involved and engaged in the game instead of being mere watchers of the sport. Over the last few years, Fantasy Cricket Leagues have become more popular and people are becoming more involved in spending their time by playing Fantasy Cricket. However, there are certain reasons why Fantasy Cricket is booming in India.

Here are five reasons why Fantasy Cricket Leagues are booming in India

1. Increase In Usage of Mobile Phone

Mobile phones have become a part of the daily lives of the people. 43.5% of India’s population uses mobile phones i.e. 690 million out of 1.4 billion people in India. However, most of them are switching gradually towards smartphones, an upgraded version of mobile phones. The smartphones have led the people to open the world of possibilities and fantasy cricket is among them. One can download Fantasy Cricket on smartphones. The fact is that over 13 crore Indian people play at least one Fantasy Cricket on smartphone and it is proof of how the craze for Fantasy Gaming latched on since these fantasy apps were launched over a decade ago.

2. Enhances The Skills

Fantasy Cricket is a fantastic opportunity for the sport enthusiasts to strengthen their skills of the game. Most people don’t have time to play cricket anymore, but now they are able to practice on their own by using Fantasy Cricket. Users can participate in Fantasy Cricket leagues and showcase their skills to their opponents. While playing Fantasy Cricket, you will learn different from your opponents like on what basis they pick up the batters, bowlers, all-rounders and wicketkeepers. You will also learn about tactics by watching the matches of other players and coaches.

3. An Opportunity To Earn Money

The most exciting part of playing fantasy cricket league is that people can earn money simultaneously. The more points you win, the more money you will earn. There are several Fantasy Cricket websites that might allow you to associate with them and play the games and the winner of the contest will be eligible to win specific prize money. You tend to lose some money at the initial stage of Fantasy Cricket. However, once you play regularly and broaden the understanding of the game, you will make more money than your opponents. Fantasy Cricket is very helpful for those who are looking to earn extra money.

4. A Great Fan Following

The game of cricket indeed has a great following in India. In India, Cricket has been considered as a religion over several decades. Therefore, due to the rising popularity of cricket, Fantasy Cricket leagues are on the rise, with many cricket enthusiasts playing the game. Fantasy cricket will help people to watch the match and get them involved in the action rather than being a watcher of the game. Fantasy Cricket also allows one to construct a team of their choice and allows you to play as a Coach, Manager or a Captain. You can closely follow the match by playing Fantasy Cricket leagues and utilise your knowledge of the sport in it.

5. An Opportunity To Show Your Cricketing Knowledge

Fantasy Cricket is a fantastic platform for the cricket enthusiast to showcase their knowledge and understanding of the sport. It also gives one chance to display their reading of the game. A user picks a player or creates their own Fantasy Cricket team on the basis of your understanding about particular conditions as well as the knowledge of the players’ current form. Your friends, family members and the internet at large will get to know about your knowledge and understanding of Cricket just by looking at your Fantasy Cricket team. Therefore, Fantasy Cricket is indeed a platform for the cricket lovers to let the world know how much knowledge you have about the sport. And people will start to know you better and take tips from you to form a Fantasy Cricket team.

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