5 Reasons to Hire a Criminal Defense Attorney


The FBI reports that 1,203,808 violent crimes occurred in 2019, but that number doesn’t include non-violent criminal charges.

Crimes occur every day, and the court charges people every single day. If the court has charges against you, you’ll need to hire a criminal defense attorney.

In fact, this is the most common reason people hire criminal defense lawyers. If you haven’t hired one yet, you should start looking for one today.

Here are five reasons you’ll need a criminal defense attorney if you’re facing any type of criminal charges.

1. They Know the Law

The legal system is not easy to understand or learn, which is why people attend years of college to become attorneys. As a result, attorneys know the law, and a criminal defense attorney knows the criminal law process.

When you’re facing a misdemeanor or felony charge, do you know what to do? Do you know your options or the steps in the criminal legal process? Most people don’t know these things, so they turn to lawyers.

When you initially meet with an attorney, you’ll discuss several vital things. First, you’ll talk about the charges and situation. You can provide the details and evidence to the lawyer at this time.

Next, the lawyer will explain the process and help you learn what to expect. They will also discuss the fees for the services and the length of time it might take to complete your case.

2. They Help You Learn Your Rights

Hiring the best defense lawyer is also vital if you want to learn your rights. You have constitutional rights that you can exercise in your case if you choose to, but you’ll have to know what they are to use them. This is where a Holly Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer can help, as they have the experience and knowledge to build a strong criminal defense on your behalf.

Do you know your legal rights? If not, you’ll need an attorney to help you with your case. Here are several legal rights you have when facing criminal charges:

The Right to Counsel

People facing criminal charges have the legal right to counsel. This means that you can ask the court for a lawyer if you can’t afford to pay for one yourself.

If you have the money, it’s better to hire a lawyer, as you can choose the best one to hire for your case.

The Right to Remain Silent

The legal system also gives you the right to remain silent, which means you don’t have to answer questions if the answers incriminate yourself. You can choose to remain silent throughout your entire case.

The Right to a Fair Trial

U.S. citizens also have the right to a fair trial. Your lawyer can help you understand what this means and how it affects you.

The Right to Have Reasonable Bail

You also have the right to reasonable bail. If you get arrested for the charges, the court must provide bail to you at a reasonable price. Courts can deny bail for several reasons.

If the court denies your bail, your lawyer can fight it if there is not a good reason for it.

These are some of your legal rights, but these are not the only ones. Your lawyer will help you learn all of your legal rights and help you exercise them.

3. They Will Build a Case for You

Having the best defense attorney is also essential so you can build a case in court. You might have two main options for settling your case: a plea bargain or trial.

If you decide to go with a trial, your lawyer will work on building a criminal defense case to use in court. Attorneys know the best strategies to use when representing clients in criminal matters, and they’ll work hard on yours.

When hiring a lawyer to represent you, it might be helpful to ask the lawyer what strategies they use to help defend their clients. They might discuss the following strategies:


If there is a person that can prove you didn’t commit the crime, your lawyer might suggest using this person as an alibi. Lawyers only use alibis when they can prove that they are credible and of good character.


If your lawyer believes that there is enough evidence that would cause the court to have doubts that you committed the crime, they will use doubt as the strategy.


Another good defense strategy is using the facts and evidence to prove you didn’t commit the crime.

4. The Know the Options

The fourth reason to hire a criminal lawyer is to learn your options. Criminal defense lawyers know the options and can help you pick the best one.

Most courts settle criminal matters in one of two ways. The first way is through a plea bargain. A plea bargain consists of admitting guilt in the case and receiving a lesser charge or punishment as a result.

The second way is through a trial. A trial offers a way to receive a not guilty verdict, but it also requires taking risks. If the court finds you guilty, you will not receive a lighter charge or sentence for your crime.

5. You Cannot Navigate the System Yourself

Among all the reasons to hire a lawyer, the top one is to have someone helping you navigate through the legal system. Navigating the criminal law system is challenging when you’re doing it yourself.

You’ll have to learn all the lingo and terms used in criminal law. You’ll need to learn the steps and process, and you’ll have to learn your options.

People who handle their cases without lawyers tend to get trampled on in court. You can avoid this by hiring legal counsel to defend you.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Helps You Get the Best Results

You have the right to defend yourself in your criminal case, but should you? Probably not. Hiring a criminal defense attorney provides legal assistance to you when you need it the most.

You can contact Attorney Will Hanlon for legal advice if you’re facing criminal charges. You can protect your future by hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney for your case.

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