5 reasons to love Office Ally Practice Mate Software in 2022


Healthcare practices have to juggle several activities and tasks on a daily basis to run efficiently. For instance, medical providers need to keep a track of numerous clinical, administrative, and financial processes. Having access to the right medical practice management software can significantly reduce administrative burdens and enable practices to have ongoing visibility into efficiency. Healthcare organizations, whether individual facilities or clinics, can utilize these health IT products to ensure their processes are efficient so they can develop and grow as fast as possible. One highly affordable PM solution that can help you take your daily administrative woes away is Practice Mate by Office Ally. In this piece, we will explore the top features that make medical practitioners fall in love with this software.

What do you need to know about Practice Mate?

Practice Mate Software is a cloud-based medical practice management solution designed for small and mid-sized healthcare setups. The software offers tailor-fit solutions to meet the requirements of several medical specialties. It helps providers automate daily practice tasks necessary to achieve a modern healthcare facility. Office Ally Practice Mate reviews confirm that the software enables its users to streamline operational processes and protect confidential patient information in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Practice Mate is an all-in-one solution for your daily administrative activities. The platform focuses exclusively on digitizing the tasks necessary to manage a practice. It offers a number of useful features that help small and medium medical setups smooth out their processes. In addition to this, the software comes with a robust patient portal that allows patients to schedule appointments online. They can also confirm insurance eligibility, request prescription refills, and view lab results from the comfort of their homes. Moreover, healthcare providers can use the patient portal to confirm or decline patient appointment requests and access forms that they have completed prior to their visit.

5 Practice Mate features providers love

Listed below are the top features that have received multiple positive mentions from users:

Claims Management

Practice Mate comes with a powerful claims management feature that helps practices streamline the entire claims and electronic remittance processing. The software employs a straightforward display so users can easily spot rejected claims. This fully integrated claims processing feature allows you to enter, print, and download deposit information easily. According to Office Ally Practice Mate reviews, the practice management capabilities of this software enable users to submit and update claims electronically to more than 5,000 payers. Thanks to its claims scrubbing tool, you can also follow the progress of each claim to ensure a significant reduction in denials.

Reporting Module

Office Ally’s highly flexible practice management platform provides its users with a robust reporting tool. You can generate and export comprehensive reports in various formats. For instance, it allows your practice staff to search for patients by tax ID, name, insurance type, or any other criteria. The vendor doesn’t require you to sign any contracts to be able to access this feature. You can choose between different export formats like PDF or Microsoft Excel. Moreover, you can check out this feature properly during the Practice Mate demo.

Patient scheduler

Another highly appreciated aspect of Practice Mate software is its patient scheduler feature. It plays a vital role in helping practices streamline their day-to-day tasks and improving their workflows. This advanced technology is designed to optimize your entire scheduling process. Your patients can easily schedule their own appointments online by using this feature. Alongside this, you can improve your practice performance and reduce no-shows with the help of automated appointment reminders. It even allows you to schedule your physicians and confirm availability to ensure no one is double-booked.

Patient portal

Practice Mate’s patient portal feature is designed to facilitate secure communication between patients and providers. Patients can utilize this self-service portal to schedule visits, view lab results, acquire health details, request prescription refills, and connect with providers. They can also use it to pay their bills online. In addition, it includes a messaging feature that further improves the patient-provider interaction. This feature has also received perfect-starred reviews from Office Ally Practice Mate users for reducing waiting room activity. Overall, users feel that this simple tool helps them vastly improve patient interactions, as well as develops a strong relationship between patients and providers.

Patient data management

The main goal of this practice management platform is to organize all patient records in a single place. It is appreciated by users for allowing them to store laboratory results, scanned documents from other providers, pictures of health conditions, and radiology within the patient profile. This software solution keeps everything accessible and organized. You can easily enter patient demographics in the system. Another excellent feature is that you can import data automatically if the patient enters the information or signs up with the Patient Ally patient portal. This can help you save a lot of time. You can also evaluate this feature during the Practice Mate demo.

Office Ally Practice Mate demo

Office Ally Practice Mate demo is available for users so they can see the product in action. It is offered as a webinar; you can invite other providers to join you for the demonstration. You can access the Office Ally demo on the company’s official website. The vendor even provides a one-on-one demo for users who want to see its features firsthand.

Final thoughts

Practice Mate by Office Ally is a comprehensive practice management solution that enables medical specialties to improve operational efficiency and deliver quality patient care. This free PM solution is an ideal option for small and mid-sized healthcare facilities. We think it should also be a top consideration for new practices as it provides free setup and training along with 24/7 customer support. Remember, selecting the right practice management software always starts with knowing your unique practice requirements. For more information, visit FindEMR and get in touch with our team of talented professionals.



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