5 Reasons To Start Living In Seoul

In the past few years, South Korea has appeared more and more in various world charts and ratings, having an image of a highly educated and first-class country to live in. The country is most often in the top ten in terms of quality of life, level of education, comfort, and safety. Of course, it makes people from all over the world dream to visit the country at least for a short time. Today we will look at several reasons to stay there longer.

It is safe

Crime is everywhere, but Seoul indeed feels like a safe place to live in, and not only due to the lowest crime rates in the world. Of course, it is worth taking standard security measures in any country. Nevertheless, this is a city where you can simply walk along the streets alone in the middle of the night or talk to strangers. The best part is that it applies to both women and men, regardless of race and nationality. When it comes to women’s travels, security plays an important role, and in Korea, you can feel as safe as at home and probably even more secure. In fact, if you return from a club in the middle of the night in Seoul and take security measures, you are unlikely to be bothered by anyone other than a taxi driver.

Unique culture and friendly locals

If you want to immerse yourself in a culture that is very different from the western one, Seoul will not disappoint you. Delicious street food and friendly residents make this region one of the most beloved for tourists. Although the locals do not know English, they will always be happy to support the conversation and try to assist you. On the contrary, if you want to feel comfy and enjoy the urban lifestyle, the city provides you with tons of European-style coffee shops and restaurants, often open 24/7. Also, a lot of Koreans love to make friends with foreigners for a variety of reasons, so do not hesitate to start a conversation and make some new connections. If you ask permission to take part in a ceremony, most likely, you will be invited (even to a wedding).

First Class Medicine Services

South Korea is quite popular among tourists who want to improve their health. Their healthcare system is one of the best not only in Asia but throughout the world. The main areas of medical tourism are plastic surgery, dentistry, gynecology, oncology. In addition to the latest medical centers, you can undergo treatment using traditional Korean methods. Those who dislike doctors and medications will surely like this, preferring alternative methods of treatment.

Health and immunity can be strengthened in a Korean-styled sauna. On the Internet, such a place is usually called the “Korean bath”, which, to put it mildly, does not closely reflect its capabilities. As a rule, this is a large complex with a sauna, massage (출장안마), swimming pool, bathhouse, fitness center, café, and other facilities for a good rest with benefits for the body. Seoul’s most famous jjimjilbang (찜질방) are Dragon Hill Spa, Sports Club Seoul Leisure, and The Spa in Garden 5.

Seoul nightlife

Seoul nightlife

Seoul is one of those cities that never sleep. In general, this can be said of any metropolis, but life in the South Korean capital does not really stop for a second. There are always crowds on the streets: during the day, they are in a hurry for business. In the evening and at night, they rush to clubs, bars, and restaurants, which are always open for tourists and late workers. You can run across colorful establishments here at every step, both inexpensive and top-level, where the bill for the night is equal to the budget of the entire trip to South Korea. The most crowded area in Seoul is the Gangnam district. This is the epicenter of the party life of the capital. A lover of cocktails, parties until the morning, and spontaneous acquaintances should settle here.

Learn Korean For Free

If you know English, you can do fine in Seoul without Korean. But although a lot of young people can speak English, the older generation will hardly understand you. So If you want to fully immerse yourself into the culture, be sure to try and learn some Korean. Of course, you can study at some universities without knowing Korean, but most of them will require you to have a certificate of intermediate level of Korean to become a student. Usually, it is enough to understand the language and be a decent essay writer in Korean.

There are many free Korean language courses for foreigners: from the migration office and volunteer groups, meetings are also organized in the cafe. Also, knowing a bit of Korean will show your interest and respect to the culture that will gain you extra points and some free food in the restaurant.