5 Reasons To Use React JS For Web Development


Initially developed for Facebook, React is an open-source JavaScript library that divides user interface into reusable components for single-page applications.

Despite multiple programming languages such as EmberJS, Angular JS and Ajax, React development soon became popular for front-end web developers. Though it was a test tool for Facebook, it’s the best JS library for web design and development.

The growth of React is an exception as no front-end framework couldn’t develop in such a short time. But why should you use React over other JavaScript? This article will describe the top 5 reasons to use React JS for web development.

Top 5 Reasons To Use React JS For Web Development

Is React good for web development? This question is very common; even many Fortune 500 companies use React JS on a regular basis. Different React services implement this JS module for high-scale web design due to its various benefits. Let’s get to know them in detail.

Fast Learning and Easy Use

Unlike other JavaScript frameworks, React is easy and simple to learn as it deals only with the view layer. You don’t even need guidance from experienced developers. React uses a simple JavaScript language that any developer can understand within a few days by only going through the tutorial.

Due to its flexibility, once you learn it, you can apply it to the different web platforms to develop quality user interfaces. This simplicity makes React preferable over other complex JS engines while building mobile applications or websites.

Reusable Components

Another flexible reason to use React JS is it provides a component-based structure. You can start with small components like dropdown, button, checkbox etc. and build wrapper components with those small ones. Then you create higher-level components and goes on until you find the root component, which will be the main application.

Further, every component has its own internal logic that decides the computing technique. The best part is this JavaScript library allows re-using the components on various platforms. Consequently,

  • Your website and app have the same outlook on every platform.
  • Reusable codes help to grow and maintain its single codebase.
  • Easier to develop websites.

Compatible React Developer Toolset

Web development not only requires understanding the programming language but also needs compatible tools with different browsers. One main reason React development experts love this JS library because of its debugging toolset, called React Development Tools. Are you looking for the best enterprise solution? Visit https://tsh.io/services/web-development/react/ for top react development experts.

It is a browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox to inspect React’s component hierarchy as well as observe their states. The latest React DevTools has significantly improved its performance and navigation experience.

If you’re interested in web development and want to delve deeper into React, it’s worth considering enrolling in a web development course that covers React and its associated tools. Such a course can provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to become a proficient React developer, meeting the growing demand in the industry.

Quick Render With Virtual DOM

While developing a web application, one of the top considerations involves higher user interaction and constant updating views. Most JavaScripts handle complex applications well, though their Document Object Model or DOM manipulations are still slower.

Not to mention, updating DOM is an obvious restriction during web development. Thankfully, React JS has solved this performance issue by introducing a virtual DOM.

In a word, it is a DOM which kept in memory. Any changes in the view are first reflected in the virtual DOM. After that, an efficient difference algorithm compares the changes between the previous and current states and picks the best method to apply the changes. Finally, the updates are applied to the DOM to ensure minimum read and write time.

The best advantage is that React development requires a minimum amount of updates. Consequently, React virtual DOM optimizes the performance and brings out the best result on browsers.

SEO Friendly Framework

Most of the applications need to come in Google search engine rank. SEO is an optimizing technique to improve and boost the quality and quantity of web traffic.

However, search engines don’t like heavy JavaScripts as they take enough time and trouble to read and load on the browser. Especially when a basic HTML page contains only script tags or meta tags, search engines assume it only as a blank page and results in poor ranking.

Luckily, React JS includes a pre-rendering feature providing SEO-friendly platforms for both single-page applications and multiple-page applications. These all features have made React JS one of the most used JavaScript libraries for web development.

In A Nutshell

Maybe React was developed for Facebook only, but now many big platforms are incorporating it to develop their websites. That’s why there is a high demand for React developers.

Moreover, Facebook currently has more than 50,000 React components in its production. In 2015, Facebook introduced React Native to create Android and iOS mobile apps using React JS. Overall, it is a strong framework that allows front-end developers works on individual components to simplify the complex user interfaces.


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