5 Reasons Why A Foot Bath Is Good For Your Mental Health


Anyone can encounter unfavorable routines every single day, whether it’s a stressful day at work or a messy countertop at home. Or it can be the uncertainties brought by the COVID-19 pandemic. With all the bad news you heard and seen in the media, you can be susceptible to stress and anxiety.

Your mental health can be at stake without you realizing it. Thus, taking care of your mental health is also vital, aside from observing health protocols to protect yourself from the coronavirus. It’s essential to take a break once in a while, even if you are staying or working at home.  If you feel that you are in need of additional support for your mental health during this unprecedented time, reach out to the licensed mental health professionals at BetterHelp today. 

Footbaths are just one of the easiest ways you can do to relax. And while it is known for stress-relieving satisfaction, it can be extremely beneficial to your mental health, too. We’ve highlighted some reasons why a foot bath is good for you mentally.

Improves Blood Circulation

The lower legs and feet can be prone to poor circulation, which can lead to a lack of energy, excessive tiredness, and inability to concentrate. Experiencing these manifestations can affect your daily tasks, making you more susceptible to stressors.

By soaking your feet in a bucket of warm water, you can stimulate the nerves at the soles of your feet and help the flow of blood into each foot. With better circulation, your body can function properly and efficiently.

Moreover, maintaining a strong immune system during this COVID-19 pandemic is vital, and you can achieve that with good circulation. Thus, it doesn’t only help you fight off potential diseases but also reduce your worries about getting sick in this crisis.

Leads To Better Sleep

Sleep is essential for maintaining both mental and physical health. It is essential to ensure that we get the right amount of good quality sleep. When you experience sleep disturbances, it can be one of the first signs of stress.

Fortunately, you can improve your sleeping habits with a warm footbath. Since it may help increase blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and body aches, a foot bath can soothe your body. When your mind and body are relaxed, you can have a better sleep.

Fights Fatigue

Fatigue is one indicator of mental stress. While fatigue is often associated with a health condition or problem, especially when it is chronic, poor sleep can also be one of its causes.

If it’s only physical tiredness due to a lack of sleep, a warm foot bath can be effective. Your body can easily recover with better sleeping habits because of its calming effects.

Aside from that, fatigue is also usually caused by poor blood circulation. But since a warm foot bath can increase foot vessel expansion and blood volume, the body carries enough oxygen and nutrients to the brain required to relieve the fatigue.

Enhances Mood

One study found out that after a footbath, the autonomic nervous system is reduced while relaxing, and the body’s comfort increases. Since it helps release tension and unblock energy flow, a foot bath can improve your mood’s state.

Keep in mind that a calmer and clearer mind can boost positive thinking, concentration, and decision making. It can be hard to achieve this one, especially when you are under tension.

But when your mind and body are recharged after a foot bath, you can better regulate your mood, even if stressors surround you.   

Alleviates Stress

Stress is one of the significant factors that can affect your mental state. As your body perceives stress, your adrenal glands release cortisol in your bloodstream. Also known as the stress hormone, cortisol can cause increased heart rate and blood pressure.

When such hormones are released in large amounts, which usually happens under long-term stress, it can lead to anxiety, low mood, or depression. Thus, it is essential to learn how to manage stress to avoid further risks in your mental health.

Relaxation is the key as it slows heart rate, reduces blood pressure, and alleviates tension. Because a foot bath is naturally soothing, it can set your mind and body into a relaxed state.

Essential Factors To Consider

Though a foot bath can quickly be done at home, there are essential factors that you need to consider if you want to maximize its benefits. One is the temperature range of your foot bath and the soaking time. It might be best to soak for only 15 to 30 minutes.

While plain warm water can help you get the benefits of a foot bath, adding elements such as essential oils, Epsom salt, or other foot soak recipes, might give you a better outcome. You can do your research about the steps and learn more about the benefits here.

It is also essential to note that a foot bath is not for everyone. If you are suffering from a heart condition or low blood pressure, a foot bath may cause insufficient blood flow, resulting in dizziness.

For diabetic patients, your nerves are insensitive to temperature and can cause blistering unless you take precautions. It’s also better to seek medical advice if you have swollen feet or ankles and severe foot pain before taking a foot bath.


There are plenty of health benefits that you can get from a foot bath. Besides its therapeutic effects on physical health, it also helps maintain a positive state of mental health. A foot bath can be just a simple routine, but you can achieve a healthy living with a pair of happy and beautiful feet.

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