5 Reasons Why PayPal Casinos Are So Popular in the US

When it comes to winning at an online casino, we all want to get our hands on the readies as fast as possible, but here’s where things can get a little tricky. The majority of operators have a system whereby cashing out isn’t as easy as flicking and switch and handing over your money. It’s a little more complicated than that, but stick with us, we’re about to reveal how you can speed up that process!

First things first; your identity. If you’re planning on playing casino games for entertainment the first time and land yourself a tidy sum of money, you’re going to want that in your bank, right? Make your way over to the cashier request a withdrawal and before you know it – you’re summoned for ID. Before you start panicking, this is standard procedure so as the operator knows you are who you say you are, plus governing laws deem it a necessity to stop money laundering and criminal activities.

Once documents have been submitted, your account will be verified, and your request processed. The next step is the time it takes for that withdrawal to clear pending. Some online casinos in the US allow players to manually flush their withdrawals (an instant feature that removes it from pending), while others see the funds sat pending for up to 72-hours, which could lead to many reversing the request to carry on playing.

Major credit and debit cards take on average 5 business days to clear, after pending. Cryptocurrencies (a digital source of finance) are roughly 48-hours, but the best deposit method a casino player could be using is none other than PayPal – the global e-wallet with fast responsibilities!

Why is PayPal so popular with casinos in the US? Take a look below for a quick summary and find lots more information here.

#1 It’s Free!

PayPal users will be able to purchase items plus deposit and withdraw from millions of retailers and online gambling operators without any hefty fees! The point of service is free – the only charges you’ll face are the ones imposed by your casino of choice. Try eliminating the fees b playing at a reputable brand with no hidden charges.

#2 It’s Anonymous!

This is a major advantage for e-wallet users as it allows your details to remain hidden from the company in which you are transacting with. Despite details being needed from PayPal, the information disclosed to the casino (or retailer) is minimal; your name and email address.

#3 PayPal is Easy to Use!

If only purchasing goods in a store was as easy as only having to supply an email address for payment, we’d all be using it! Once you’re signed into your casino account, all it takes is a few steps and your deposit ‘request’ is complete. The cashier houses multiple options, but PayPal is the most popular.

#4 It’s Fast!

Why wait 5-10 business days to get your hands on your money when you can have your cash in a matter of hours? It takes on average (for top-rated casinos!), just 24-hours to complete a withdrawal request and in some cases it’s within an hour.

#5 Fast Really Does Mean Fast!

So, the withdrawal was completed and now your winnings are sat in PayPal. What’s the next step? Send the funds from there to your bank. Now this is where many believe the process of slowing things down kicks in, but you’ll be surprised. As soon as you request to transfer those funds to your bank, it takes a few seconds (a minute max!) to receive your money. Now can you see why this e-wallet is so popular among casino players in the US?