5 Recent Interesting Online Casino Innovations

As technology improves, there’s so many ways online casinos have been able to innovate the casino industry. In this article, we’re going to look at some modern innovations that online casinos have been using to attract new players, especially the tech-savvy millennial generation.

Skill-based casino games

There’s a growing interest in skill-based casino games. While there will always be the elements of luck involved, a handful of game developers are offering casino games that are quite similar to video games. This should be no surprise, as many slot games are based on pop-culture or video-game type elements, like the one found here.

Beat Square, for example, is a skill-based slot game, where players must tap buttons in synchronization with a song playing. It’s like Dance Dance Revolution in a slot machine. Beat Square was awarded the Best Slot Product at the 17th annual Gaming & Technology Awards.

Other skill-based casino games that play like videogames are Wrecking Ball, which plays like a typical RNG format, but players can use a joystick to control a wrecking ball, destroying buildings for cash prizes. Arkanoid is a slot-version of the classic brick-destroyer arcade games. Always be sure to check out maxbet options as well.

Cryptocurrency as a payment method

The rise of cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin, has offered numerous benefits to online casinos and players alike. It offers complete anonymity for transactions, and typically carries a minimum or total lack of commission. A player’s earnings are protected by national authorities who are unable to block or freeze a cryptocurrency wallet, since it does not hold any fiat currency. This also allows players to gamble online where online casinos are typically banned, as a player does not need to use ACH or similar transfers that would be stopped on a local level.

Cryptocurrency casinos also have the benefit of instant processing of withdrawal requests (in most cases) and account replenishment, no need to wait for funds to transfer over bank wires. Casinos that operate with cryptocurrency do not need a license to operate, because no fiat currency is involved. Operating an online casino with cryptocurrency carries a lower overhead, and it’s typically faster to open a new online casino with cryptocurrency, as opposed to starting with fiat currency. Be sure to also check out the Best Bitcoin Casino Bonuses for great options.

Betting on eSports

Many online casinos have embraced eSports, and it’s blown up quite huge in recent years. It is estimated that the eSports betting scene will be worth $29.8 billion USD, as more than 15 million gamblers place wagers on the results of eSport competitions.

One current issue, though it hasn’t slowed down eSport betting, is match fixing in Esports. This is a well-known problem. As the money in the eSport scene grows, so does the potential for match fixing. For example, grand prizes in Dota 2 can exceed millions of dollars, and suspicious behaviour from teams is often unpunished. In 2017, gambling website X-Bet terminated their sponsorship of ProDotaCup, citing strange betting patterns, and collusion between opposing teams.

To combat corruption in eSports, the ESIC (Esports Integrity Coalition) was formed, which monitors irregularities in the Esports scene, and works with online casinos to investigate match fixing and other forms of eSport fraud.

VR and MMO casinos

There’s a bit of a shortage of online casinos that have taken advantage of VR technology, but they certainly exist. With virtual reality, players can become fully immersed in the casino experience. SlotsMillion was the first online casino to embrace VR technology while offering real money wages. Players are able to walk around a live 3D casino, see and interact with other players, and play a large variety of casino games in VR.

A few other online casinos offer VR-based games, such as NetEnt. There is also a variety of free casino games in VR, with no real money involved, such as PokerStars VR. It’s unknown when the online casino industry will totally embrace VR technology, as many operators may see it as a passing gimmick.

For MMO casinos, there aren’t any that offer real-money gambling. However, if you don’t mind playing for free, there are numerous casino-themed MMOs out there. Perhaps the most graphically advanced is Four Kings Casino and Slots, which offers great 3D graphics, player customization, and a large casino to walk around. Players can even purchase outfits and personal areas to hang out in.  Be sure to get a leg up as well by checking out this dota 2 booster.

Live dealer game rooms

One of the drawbacks of online casinos is the missing human element. Interacting with a real dealer, and socializing with other players sitting next to you. That’s what live dealer games aim to rectify. In live dealer games, online players are able to see and interact with a live dealer, who is sitting in a real casino in most cases.

In fact, players are able to join games that are happening in real casinos, from the comfort of a website, in some cases.