5 Secrets to Come Out with Ideas to Write an Essay

Writing definitely requires a lot of effort to get a good piece. It’s kind of a creative task, and you need to be in a certain mood to complete it. So writing an essay can be intimidating: you have to do thorough research, follow a particular writing style, and stick to text structure patterns. The piece also must be unique, so you have to be original in what you write.

With all these aspects of essay writing, it’s so easy to get anxious before even starting the process. Therefore, to make writing an essay easier for you, here are 5 secrets to how you can get yourself ready and come out with ideas to write a good essay.


When you have the task assigned, you most likely feel overwhelmed with all the workload ahead. So you start procrastinating and postpone the writing as long as the deadline allows you to.

Instead, start diving into the topic. Begin with the subject, find one or read over the one you’re given again and again and write it down. Then, think of what you already know about the theme of the essay. Write down the facts, thoughts, and ideas in a list, taking as much time and space as you need and writing brief notes or full detailed paragraphs when you need to.

In just a few minutes, you’ll have a page or even several of those filled with information. This will already make the task seem easier and will direct you in your further research.


After you’ve brainstormed some thoughts, go online to dig deeper. Use the most relevant keywords of every major idea you’ve written down to get more information on it. Browse through some easy articles and even go to such websites as StudyMoose.com to see what is usually included in essays on your topic.

At this point, you may want to start looking for sources to incorporate in your essay if you’re required to do so. Look for credible readings though, such as academic or news articles and books.

As you go on with your research, take notes to extend your list of ideas and make them more informative.

Remove the Distractions

Writing an essay will take longer and seem more difficult if you have your Facebook feed open in the next tab. Log out from your social media, turn off the Wi-Fi on your phone, and eliminate any other potential source of distraction.

Go to a library or a cafe if you can’t focus at home. Seeing other people work or just changing the environment will help you a lot. Especially, this will be effective if you get your favorite drink or snack in the process.

Music, on the other hand, can be helpful, but choose some nice instrumental songs. There are many playlists with instrumental music on YouTube that will keep you cheered up but won’t distract you.

Take Breaks

Limiting the distractions is helpful and effective but don’t forget to take breaks. Breaks will help you control your attention capacity and not lose the focus. Some of the ideas on how to take healthy breaks are making tea or a snack, getting a couple of glasses of water, and making a small workout. Since you’ll be staring into the screen and sitting down for a long time, go for a walk or clean the apartment if you’re at home.

If you write anywhere outside your home, read an article or watch a short video that is not related to the topic of the essay. Just entertain yourself in some way but don’t spend more than 10 minutes on that. Otherwise, you can get the opposite effect and lose the mood.

Going on social media, in turn, is not recommended. It can be consuming, and you’ll end up not noticing the time go away without any work done.

Ask for Help

If you feel stuck at some point, feel free to consult with others. Find a student that does well and ask to share his or her tips on essay writing. You can also look for someone who is knowledgeable about the topic of your essay. Talk to the person to find new ideas or figure out what thoughts should be removed from the paper.

Working on an essay can be intimidating and may seem like a long process. But it’s definitely not as terrifying as it is believed to be. Following the listed tips will help you get the focus you need and come out with a good essay in just a couple of hours.