5 Side Effects to Look Out For When Using Generic Medication


There are two approved types of drugs on the market, the marketed brand name and the generic. Over the years, the latter has gained popularity in the market. It is often used as a substitute for the brand-name drug. Both types are approved by the Federal Drug Association. Generic medication is created as the brand-name drug. It incorporates the intended use, performance, administration, characteristics, strength, dosage form, and strength. The primary difference is that the manufacturer can use different inactive ingredients. These are the elements that do not alter the intended therapeutic purpose explaining the difference in color. The inactive elements may include the flavors, preservatives, binding materials or dyes used. Equivalent to marketed brand-name medicine, generic ones too have side effects. They range from mild to strong. Here are some of the popular side effects that have been observed when using generic products:

1. Dose-Related Adverse Drug Reactions

Kamagra is among the best erectile dysfunction drugs that have mild side effects. You might experience a light head or dizziness feeling if you take more than the prescribed amount by your physician. There are many cases of overdosage especially if the patient wants to achieve efficiency within a limited time. The primary aim is to increase the drug’s therapeutic effects within a short time. Dizziness is often experienced when the drug reduces or achieves the intended purpose on a high scale such as reducing blood sugar or pressure level too much. Visit us to purchase genuine kamagra 100mg online. 

2. Drug Interactions

Physicians at pharmacies or hospitals are keen to ask whether you are on any other medication when prescribing a dose. It is important because some of the drugs do not interact well with others. As a result, you will experience a few side effects such as nausea and dizziness. The cases can be intense if the two drugs are extremely different in terms of element combinations. It is advisable to mention if you are on any medication to avoid such instances.

3. Allergic Drug Reactions

This reaction is not often caused by the dosage. You can experience this from prior exposure to the medicine. The allergic reactions of your body towards the drugs are referred to as sensitization. It occurs when the immune system has an inappropriate reaction towards a drug. There is a wide range of allergic reactions that can be experienced. They vary among individuals. The rashes and itchiness are often common.

4. Alcohol Interactions

Sometimes you doctor will tell you to avoid using alcohol when on a certain medication. This restriction is because some of the drug-alcohol interactions often result in side effects, which can be mild or strong. It depends on the elements used in the drugs. Ensure that you heed the doctor’s advice on such instances to avoid any complications.

5. Idiosyncratic Drug Reactions

These often occur from mechanisms that are difficult to explain and currently on research. For example, you might experience a decrease in white blood cell count, nerve injury, or vision impairment. However, do not be alarmed because it only happens in a few individuals. Most doctors are keen to administer drugs based on the previous record of side effects.

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