5 Signs It’s Time to Find a New Pest Control Provider

With summer quickly approaching, many homeowners are looking to update their homes. While home renovation projects are a popular choice, home maintenance is also important. One of the best ways to maintain and care for a home is by having the proper pest control services.

Not all pest control solutions are created equal. Many homeowners unknowingly have overpriced or subpar pest control services. Here are five signs that it’s time to find a new pest control provider.

You’re Overpaying

Overpaying for pest control is a common problem for many homeowners. High prices can also cause homeowners to neglect having regular pest control treatments for their home. Avoid overpaying by calling around for quotes, asking neighbors about their experiences and prices, and searching online reviews.

Be careful to compare equal services when assessing prices. Some pest control services or features can be more costly than others. Make sure you are comparing prices on similar services to avoid any surprises on your next pest control bill.

Of course, paying more for pest control isn’t a bad thing if you’re getting a higher level of service, so be sure to question what you get for what you pay. It’s always worth it to pay a little more for organic, eco-friendly solutions, and if you have serious infestations, pest control providers who visit more frequently may also be worth the extra cost.

You Have Too Many Unwelcome Visitors

The thought of ants, spiders, cockroaches, and other insects in a home, make many homeowners cringe. Unfortunately, even the perfect pest control routine won’t prevent the occasional unwelcome visitor. But if numerous bugs or insects are finding their way inside, there is an obvious problem. Reliable pest control services should result in little to no pests inside the home.

Reputable pest control providers such as Moxie Pest Services will ensure that there are as few pests in the home as possible. If a homeowner is beginning to experience a rise in the number of pests or an infestation (despite scheduling regular pest control) it is definitely time to find a new provider.

You’re Finding Unpleasant Surprises

Unwelcome visitors can also result in unwelcome surprises in the home. Small droppings or spots of urine around the home are common signs of the presence of mice or rats. Mice and rats can both cause disastrous damage inside a home.

Once in a home, mice or rats can quickly ruin the structure of a home from building nests, chew on wiring, gnaw on insulation, or even damage appliances (leading to water damage). If there are signs of mice or rats in a home it is imperative to quickly retain a new pest control provider. A competent pest control provider will be able to efficiently solve the problem.

You’ve Found Signs of Termite Damage

One pest is small, travels in large numbers, can destroy a home, and make a house impossible to sell. The dreaded termite is perhaps the worst nightmare for homeowners. There are many possible signs of termite presence in a home.

Sticky doors and windows can be a sign of a termite problem. Bubbly paint, soft wood, sawdust buildup, or tiny wings left near cracks or windows are all signs of termites present in the home. Termites also thrive in wet and damp environments in or near the home.

A subpar pest control service can easily miss these signs, costing a homeowner thousands of dollars. If a provider is overlooking termites, switch pest control providers immediately.

Your Current Service Is Not Eco-Friendly

With all of the technological advances in the pest control industry, homeowners are expecting more than ever from their providers. One of the most common expectations is a variety of eco-friendly options when it comes to pest control.

Organic and sustainable pest control solutions should be an option for every homeowner. Although these options may sometimes be more costly, they are well worth the extra expense. If your pest control provider does not offer eco-friendly options, consider finding a new service.

Don’t Hesitate to Make the Switch

All in all, pest control services are essential for maintaining the integrity of a home. Whether the issue is minor or a larger infestation is occurring, pests can cause disastrous results in a home.

Luckily, a pest issue does not have to be permanent. Pest problems can easily be solved by conducting research and using a reputable provider. These services can also be environmentally conscious and fairly priced.