5 Signs It’s Time to Repair Your Garage Door


For many homeowners, a garage is far more than a protected area to park their car. It is an important part of their home, providing a space for woodworking, hobbies, and many other activities they hold close to their heart. However, although the garages and their components are useful, people often forget about them. Garage doors are a great example of this. Even though garage doors are essential for keeping the garage and its contents safe, they are often ignored when it comes to repairs and care.

Garage doors are important to a home’s safety and protection because many people use them as their main point of entry. A broken or broken-down garage door can make the garage and even the whole house less safe. A broken garage door can also be a safety risk that could hurt someone or damage their property.

Moreover, the garage door is a part of the home’s curb appeal and protects vehicles and other important items inside the space. It is important to maintain a properly working garage door at all times.

Signs that suggest it’s time to repair the garage door should never be ignored because this only exacerbates the damage. Those signs include:

1. Age

When deciding whether to fix or replace a garage door, it is important to take into account how old it is. The number of years a garage door is made to last depends on factors such as the materials’ quality and how often it is used. You’ll be happy to learn the average garage door has a 30-year lifespan. That is a lengthy amount of time by any standards. However, not every door lasts this timespan and almost all will require maintenance during this time. When the garage door nears the 30-year mark, replacing it can minimize damages and expenses.

Furthermore, as a garage door gets older, it’s more likely to have problems like wear and tear, rust, and broken components. When these things happen, it may be time to replace the garage door instead of trying to fix it. Also, newer garage doors often have better safety features and technology that can make a house more secure and functional.

2. Noisy

When you notice noises coming from the garage door, there is a problem. Sure, some noise coming from the garage door is normal, but if it is a strange, unusual and a new sound that it normally doesn’t make, there is a problem. Hence, if your garage door makes too much noise, you should immediately fix the problem. There are many things that can make a garage door noisy, such as worn-out rollers, damaged tracks, loose hardware, or a broken motor.

Lubricating the garage door’s moving parts can sometimes help reduce noise. However, if the noise persists, it could be a sign of a bigger problem that needs professional help. A trained garage door technician can look at the door, determine what’s making the noise, and suggest the proper fixes. Do not ignore those strange noises and allow the garage door to become further damaged. If you don’t fix a noisy garage door, it could get worse, which could lead to more damage and more expensive repairs in the future. 

worn-out white metal garage door image

3. Condition

The general condition of the door is a crucial aspect to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace a garage door. Since the garage door is as much of an aesthetic part of the home as a functional part, it is important to note its condition at all times. The door may need to be repaired or replaced if there are visible signs of wear and tear, rust, or damage to the panels, springs, or tracks. In addition, if the garage door is rusted or has sustained other weather damages, it’s probably time to make a repair. Inspect the garage door often to ensure it’s in good condition.

Poor garage door maintenance could make it more prone to mechanical breakdowns, posing a security and safety issue. Also, a damaged garage door can adversely affect a home’s appearance and overall value. Moreover, a garage door’s lifespan can be increased with regular maintenance and inspections, which will also assist in preventing significant issues.

4. Damages

A garage door may sustain dents, cracks, scratches, and warping, among other types of damage. Several factors, including weather conditions, accidents, or ordinary wear and tear over time, might result in these problems. Inspect the garage door often. It is regular inspections that bring potential damage to our attention first.

Simple methods like filling or painting can frequently be used to fix little damages like tiny dents or scratches. However, more serious damage, including big dents or breaks, would necessitate having a technician inspect and fix the door. When you spot damages, do not turn a blind eye when they’ll only worsen and cost more money to repair later down the road. Damages leave children and others vulnerable to injuries. Call a professional and make any necessary corrections to a damaged garage door as soon as possible.

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5. You Hate the Door

It can be frustrating if you don’t like your garage door’s style or appearance, but solutions are available. Consider upgrading your garage door by changing the color, adding decorative hardware or windows, or switching to an innovative design or material.

An inexpensive approach to improve the exterior of your house and the overall look of your property is to remodel your garage door. If homeowners want to make bigger changes, they can completely replace their garage doors. In addition to design and aesthetics, it’s essential to consider durability, insulation, and security features when selecting a new garage door. A qualified garage door specialist can make suggestions depending on your preferences, budget limitation, and needs.

Sometimes, it’s simply a disdain for the current door on the garage that causes a homeowner to pick up the phone and call professionals like A1 Garage Door service in Leawood Kansas for repairs or upgrades to the garage door. If the garage door doesn’t sit well with your design style, make the call! You should love every aspect of your home and a garage door repair professional can make that possible.

Don’t Delay Garage Door Repairs

Garage door damage can usually be repaired for a fraction of the costs of a replacement door, even when you simply want to make a few minor upgrades. It takes less time to make a repair than a replacement as well.

It can be risky and even dangerous to put off garage door maintenance. A broken garage door can put you, your family, and your property at risk and may require pricey repairs or replacement. Also, regular maintenance and inspections can identify problems early and stop them from worsening. It’s crucial to call a qualified garage door expert as soon as you discover any damage or malfunctioning indications.

You may prevent further damage from occurring and make sure that your garage door runs safely and efficiently by taking care of problems as soon as they arise. Investing in necessary repairs now is better than putting safety at risk or spending additional expenses later. Hence, pay attention to your garage door and call a professional if any of the five signs above are noticed. You’ll be glad you made a fast repair to the door and diminished all of the potential damages.

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