5 Simple Grout Cleaning Tips for Homeowners


Do you have noticed your tiles are not looking clean even though after mopping? Once again, the durable, beautiful, and classy tiles seem easy to clean, but when it’s time to clean the grout?

The answer is, it’s quite a nightmare to us. Else, tiles grout get easily dirty and grimy, and most of us want to avoid this chore. Indeed, this isn’t good at all. Clean grout keeps our floor sparkling and is now essential because of the corona situation, right. Don’t you feel that? Pretty much sure you do.

So, you’re here to find the solution. And we ensure that you don’t disappoint after reading this entire article. Luckily, there are some easy and quick tricks to clean grimy grout tiles.

Why waiting then? Let’s get to know the tips you need for cleaning.

5 Simple Grout Cleaning Tips for Homeowners

 Baking soda with vinegar

You’re looking for an inexpensive and effective way. Then go with this option. Baking soda and vinegar become a powerful combination together. It can effectively remove the dirt and stain from the grout.

To make a paste, mix 3 tablespoons of baking soda in 2 tablespoons of vinegar. Now, apply the paste with the help of a brush. After that, you can immediately see the bubbling, which means the natural cleaning process has started. You can

Make a solution by taking an equal part of these ingredients into a spray bottle. Then spray onto the grout line.

One important thing is, though vinegar is acidic, baking soda can neutralize the acidity and will protect grout lines. You can use this to get out of the tough stain and sanitize any surface of the home.

Toothpaste with toothbrush

Okay, this is a simple and workable idea. If you want your tiles grout look like new; you can go with this step.

After applying baking soda and vinegar, then take whitening toothpaste on a toothbrush. If possible, then use an electric toothbrush with an old head. It will make your work easy and save your elbows! Use the toothbrush to scrub the grime and get back your grout’s color. Try once the trick; you’ll glad to see the outcome!

Apply hydrogen peroxide with baking soda

Well, it’s one of the stronger cleaning solutions which can use occasionally. Or step one doesn’t work well; then you can go with this formula.

Hydrogen peroxide is a mild disinfectant that has a bleaching agent to clean the stain grime. Whereas, baking soda is a mild abrasive on the grout. So both the combination works together as a powerful mixture but don’t spoil your grout.

Now, take ¼ cup of hydrogen peroxide, 1 cup of salt, and one cup of baking soda into a bucket. Then dive a grout brush into the mixture and scrub vigorously at the grout lines. Repeat the process until stains are disappeared. After that, wash away the grout with the hot water.

Cleaning with a steam cleaner

You may hear about grout steamer. It’s safe to use if you wouldn’t like any chemical or don’t want to clean manually. This handy tool will remove the grime, dirt, and mildew from the grout line. Also, it can use to sanitize the surface of your home.

Before you have it, make sure it comes with the proper attachment like a steam hose and a small brush for cleaning grout.

Now the question is how to use it on the grout?

First, we would recommend you to read the instruction given by the manufacturer to assemble and fill the steamer. Then fill the reservoir with clean water and don’t add any chemicals or soap. Next, turn on the switch to heat up and wait for how long it is told in the manual. After heating up, run the cleaning brush over the grout line.

As soon as your steaming is complete, use a microfiber mop or towel to wipe out the excess moisture from the floor.

Using of oxygen bleach

Last but not least, for the most challenging grimy grout, apply oxygen bleach. This product comes in both liquid and powdered forms.

For a full-strength application, apply the bleach on the grout with a brush or scrubber. Don’t forget to open up the surface to ventilate the space as it’s toxic and fumes. Wait for 15 minutes after applying. Then scrub and wash the floor with clean water.

End up

That’s all for today! You can start your grout cleaning by using one of the above tips. Don’t think these are tough to do. Honestly, you will get wonder after getting the result!

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