5 Steps On Choosing A Reliable Car Dealership


When it’s time to buy a new car, you want the best possible experience. You want a reliable vehicle at a good price. Whether you’re buying a new car or going with a pre-owned model, there are many different sellers to choose from.

Some people buy their next vehicle from sellers who post their listings online or through classified ads. Others prefer to visit a local dealership or two. They enjoy the experience of test-driving vehicles and inspecting them personally to find the car that’s right for them.

You can find out more online at sites about some of the many new and used cars and trucks that are on the market. You can read about features, pricing and find dealerships in your area. You can even get online quotes or pre-approval at some sites.

If you’re considering buying your car from a dealership, you’ll need to do your homework. Some companies have a long-standing positive reputation for quality sales and service. Others are fly-by-night companies that are only interested in making a profit.

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Here are 5 steps for choosing a reliable car dealership:

  1. Check records from the Better Business Bureau. The Better Business Bureau’s website keeps records of customer complaints for up to three years. If you find a local dealership that has had a history of problems, that’s probably not the best place to buy your next auto.
  2. Read reviews. Many online sites offer car dealership reviews from customers. Take some time to read both good and bad reviews for the car dealerships that you are considering. This way you can get some honest feedback and perspective before making your buying decision.
  3. Ask your family and friends. Feel free to ask relatives, co-workers and friends about their recent car buying experiences. They will usually tell you how their purchase went and about any problems or concerns that they had. You may hear different stories from different people, but then again, every experience is different.
  4. How long have they been in business? Usually, if a business has been operating for a few years or more, it has a reputation of providing good quality and good customer service. You may feel a lot more comfortable browsing cars in the showroom of a car dealership that’s been around for twenty years as opposed to a bargain lot that’s only been open for a few months. Businesses come and go, but longevity is an important factor to consider.
  5. Shop around. When you’re in the market for a new vehicle, take some time to shop around. Visit several dealerships in your area. Look at the selection and pricing. Check their financing and any special offers that they may have. While you’re looking around, see how receptive they are to you and other potential buyers. This gives you some insight to their customer service skills. If they take the time to listen to you and understand what you’re looking for, you may just have found the right dealership.

These are just a few tips to help choose a good car dealership when it’s time for a new vehicle. Deciding what kind of car you want and setting a budget are the most difficult decisions. From there, you can take your time selecting a car dealership. A good dealership takes the time to address every customer’s needs, and make sure they are satisfied with their purchase and any subsequent service appointments. They want to be the business you, your family and friends will keep coming back to.

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