5 super cool things to personalize your home


The place you call home needs a personal touch without which it is impossible to get that ‘home sweet home’ feeling when you get back from a long day at work or a trip. Personalizing your home is essential for it to become that warm place you aspire it to be. 

Your home is either an extension of you or you and your partner if you are coupled up. Designing a home is quite a challenge as there are so many things to consider. For example, the home needs to incorporate all necessities as well as items that could be categorized as luxuries, depending on your preferences.

Apart from having specific items in your home, you also need to focus on creating an environment that is positive. Everything from the furniture you get, to the colors you choose, it all makes a difference. 

With our busy routines, some of us do not take the time to give our home what it needs. Although, it is important to focus on your well-being and create a space that inspires you, and makes you happy. 

Decorating and designing your home can be an expensive affair, but it doesn’t need to be. Adding a touch with some beautiful items can make a big difference to any space. 

To help you with giving your home a personal touch, below is a list of five super cool things that you must check out: 

1. Twinkle in Time Star Map

All of us have dates that can be marked as milestones in our lives. Whether it is the day we got our first job, the day we graduated from college, the day you proposed or got proposed to, or the day you got married, these are all beautiful memories. 

Memories stay in our minds and there are few ways in which they can be represented by a physical item. A star map is a great way to represent a special day in your life. 

With Twinkle in Time, you can create beautiful star maps of any special day in your life. Their star maps are beautifully designed, and show you what the stars looked like on a particular date, from a particular location you choose. 

The Twinkle in Time star map is a great addition to any home to create nostalgia in regards to a happy occasion in your life. Especially if you are a couple, it is a great way to mark your special day, and make it a part of your home forever. 

2. Seletti’s Cactus Glass Lamps by Marcantonio

Seletti is a brand that is known for creating unique items for home decor. One of these sleek and cool items is their Cactus Glass Lamp by Marcantonio. 

If you are someone that wants to decorate your home with things that your friends are in awe of, this is the perfect item for you. This glass lamp is available in different shapes and sizes and has a very cute look with a sunflower gracefully placed on top of the cactus. 

3. Host – Classic Wine Freeze Cooling Cups

Wine cooling cups are a perfect addition to your kitchen. These cups manufactured by the brand Host are specifically designed to chill both red and white wine. 

Once these cups are stored in a freezer for 2 hours, they keep your freshly poured wine cool for a long time so you can lay back and sip on it without worrying about it. Enjoy a refreshing glass of Pinot after work and whether you chilled the bottle or not, your wine will surely be cool. 

Host’s Wine Freeze Cooling Cups were featured by Cool Things Chicago in an article titled – ‘39 Amazing Gifts That Will Make Your Favorite Woman Super Happy’. So you know this item is great to share with your special one. 

4. Steamfast SF-717 Mini Steam Iron

Whether it is just you at home, or you have a partner and kids, everyone needs to look fresh with nicely ironed clothing. The Steamfast Mini Steam Iron is the perfect home item for any single person or family. 

This particular iron is tiny in size so it can be carried anywhere or stored easily. Ironing in a rush? It heats up in only fifteen seconds. Although it is marketed as a portable item, this is extremely valuable in any home as you can quickly iron any clothing before heading out. 

The Steamfast SF-717 is a really cool asset for any home, and to validate further, it was included in an article titled – ‘59 Best Gift Ideas This Year’ by GiftWits. 

5. Peel on Peel-Off Wallpapers

That’s right, you read that correctly. Walls can be boring, and once you paint on them, changing colors or patterns can be a painful chore. Removable wallpapers that are cheap, add a very cool design aspect to any home. 

Speaking of positive vibes in your home, there are many companies like Voutsa or WallsNeedLove that are designing removable wallpapers and selling them for extremely affordable prices. How cool is that? You can keep changing the look of your living room, kitchen, and bedroom to set the mood. 

To get more of an idea on where to purchase these wallpapers from, read this article by Refinery 29 titled – ‘Peel On, Peel Off: The Indecisive Person’s Cheap Solution To Trendy Home Decor’. 

The five cool things listed above are some of our favorites, and we tried to cover more genres of items in this article so you can pick an item for different parts of your home. As you can see, personalizing your home can be relatively easy, and the return on the time you invest is extremely high. 

Include items like these in your comfy, happy, cozy space to give your home the personality it deserves. Make your home an environment where you and your loved ones can thrive, laugh and share amazing memories together. You deserve a super-cool home! 

Author bio: This article comes from Andrew Peterson at VegasForAll

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