5 Things First Time Home Buyers Shouldn’t Do


In most people’s minds, first home buyers Brisbane is a dream, but in reality it becomes a frustrating decision that results in them compromising a lot. It is a moment when they are excited about the next step in the process, but also nervous about what lies ahead. The process may seem like you want to get your hands on the best, but you find yourself making impulsive decisions that may leave you unsatisfied or in the midst of frustration. During this segment, we discussed the common mistakes first-time buyers make in the real estate market and how a “do-not list” will help you to make the right decision, whether you are a seasonal buyer or a first-time buyer. 

Now, let’s focus on fresh buyers, for they need to make many decisions and move around a lot when deciding to purchase their first apartment. Make sure every step is taken after a lot of calculation since the decision won’t only affect you but also your family. It is important that first-time buyers keep an eye out for certain mistakes which they perhaps commit or overlook, and which they should try to avoid at all costs. You should keep these top things in mind or avoid them while you are searching for your perfect apartment. Let’s begin:

  • Underestimating the loan approval process

Once new homebuyers start looking for a house, they think they’ll be able to secure any type of loan without any trouble. 

However, the reality is that you must meet the bank’s eligibility requirements to apply, what should be the ideal loan amount, and then you must submit an application which is then approved, and then the money will be disbursed. Since there is a great deal of time and paperwork involved, you should make sure the amount you quote is realistic enough that you are capable of paying off the loan later on, while also having patience throughout. 

  • Applying for a loan outside of your budget

Although a bank may be willing to lend you money, this does not mean that you should ask for anything in particular. In such cases, it is advised that you proceed with a level-headed mind since making impulsive decisions can severely damage your credit and reputation with the bank, leading to the cancellation of your loan. Additionally, you may have trouble paying off the loan later on.

Not keeping track of small side expenses

If you have taken into account all the small expenses that will come along the way while buying the property, then you might have taken a certain amount into consideration, which will be subsequently deducted once you have purchased the property. At first sight, it may seem that these expenses are insignificant, such as the payment of stamp duty upon the purchase of a property and the registration of documents for the property, but all these costs add up to a considerable amount in the long run. As you move into your house, you may find that there are a few quick repairs that need to be done. As such, make sure you keep a record of every penny you spend on the house until you settle in.

  • Researching the home loan advantages

Taking out a joint loan with your spouse is a good choice if you plan on making the payments of the house through the loan. Your application will therefore have a better chance of getting approved here, and you will be one step closer to living in the house of your dreams. In addition, this comes as a good financial support term when your spouse covers the rent for you when you are unable to pay for your portion.

  • Home loans applied for without correct research

It is important to keep in mind that purchasing a home is not as simple as buying a car or applying for college. When it comes to purchasing a home, most buyers have one shot so investing time and resources in research is not a bad idea. In addition to applying for a loan, you need to find out what the rates of different banks are, what offers they have, and whether you qualify. With an EMI that is not too high, you can afford to pay off the loan quickly while still living your usual lifestyle. 

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